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Tijuana is one of the most famous Mexican cities throughout America and the world, largely due to it being so close to the American border in California. Many Americans make short visits to Tijuana for lots of reasons, most notably to take advantage of its cheap dental, medical and cosmetic treatment prices. The city is home to several reputable cosmetic clinics. However, if you are researching the subject right now to find neck lift surgeons, Tijuana, Mexico has some of the best in the world.

Why do Americans Visit Tijuana for Cosmetic Surgery?

Many Americans, Canadians, and even Europeans visit Tijuana, Mexico for their dental, medical and cosmetic treatments because of the price difference. Did you know that the price of neck lift treatments in Tijuana is approximately 55% cheaper than in the USA? That’s right. So many Americans are making the short journey over the border to take advantage of these amazing prices.

Not only that, but when you seek high-quality neck lift surgeons, Tijuana also has some of the best you will find. Please check out these two neck lift reviews below to find the highest quality surgeons in the city.

Dr. Daniel Camacho Melo

When you seek out of the best neck lift surgeons Tijuana has to offer, then Daniel Camacho Melo should be at the top of the list. This highly-trained and certified plastic surgeon has extensive knowledge and experience in performing all manner of cosmetic treatments, most notably neck lift procedures. Dr. Camacho and his team are widely revered for their expertise and offer the ultimate solution for international clientele from America, Canada and Europe. High quality, affordable, friendly and knowledgeable, when you go under the knife, you want to be in the hands of the best and that is exactly what Dr. Daniel is… the best!

When you are looking for the most experienced neck lift surgeon Tijuana has to offer, then

Dr. Ricardo Vega

is the smart choice. Dr Vega has been in the industry since 1991 and is Mexico’s most renowned and lauded plastic surgeon. Attending all the major training facilities and conferences around the world, Dr. Vega is at the cutting-edge of the cosmetic surgery world and is known for his expertise.

It is important to be in the hands of an expert, especially where cosmetic treatments are concerned, and with Dr. Vega, that is exactly what you get. Speaking both Spanish and English, his team of specialists are on hand to deal with all international clientele in the most professional manner imaginable.

When you are seeking the best and most affordable neck lift surgeon, Tijuana, Mexico is the place to be. Lots of Americans and Canadians are making that special pilgrimage to Mexico to take advantage of neck lift prices that are almost 55% cheaper than back home. It is important to make the right choices at the first time of asking, and with these two reviews of the best surgeons in Tijuana, you literally can do no wrong.dd_201707061719_cuauhtemocluces_resize.jpg

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