5 reasons to consider Thailand for a facelift


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Is your facial skin wrinkled, making you look and feel older? Do you feel facelift surgery is an option, but wonder about the cost? Look at facelift before and after pictures – Thailand offers you affordable plastic surgery. You can go to this beautiful and welcoming tropical country and also have a holiday, without breaking the bank.

Why consider facelift?

The face is always visible. While other parts of the body can be covered and you may have a youthful or even age appropriate body, if your face has lines, wrinkles, sagging skin it contributes significantly to your self-esteem and confidence or lack of it. When you look at your face in the mirror and neither cosmetic treatments nor makeup can cover up the problem areas, then you should consider facelift.

After this surgery you will present a more youthful appearance as your facial skin will be tightened and the wrinkles and sagging skin removed. You can have a facelift as a standalone procedure or combine it with other surgical options like brow lift, neck lift and facial liposuction for better results.

5 reasons to consider Thailand for a facelift

Depending on where you live, you may want to travel for plastic surgery because of the cost factor. You can consider many medical tourism destinations in Asia or other places but here is why Thailand’s facelift clinics should make it to the top of your list:

1. Thailand is a popular medical tourism destination thanks to its great connectivity and its warm and friendly people. It is serviced by major international airlines.

2. It has high quality medical facilities manned by qualified and experienced plastic surgeons offering a wide range of treatments at an inexpensive rate, making it decidedly affordable.

3. While Thailand has many hospitals and cosmetic centers, it also has over 51 JCI accredited medical facilities, testifying to the high standard of care available.

4. The country has many tourism destinations to choose from. You can go to Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui and others where you can have an exciting holiday as well. Each of these destinations has its own charm and range of attractions, but everywhere you can enjoy the traditional Thai hospitality and food.

5. You can rest and recuperate for as long as you want in the pleasant climate, at high end medical and hotel facilities, taken good care of, till you get medical clearance to fly back home.

Apart from all these reasons, when you book through Medical Departures we offer you quality-checked clinics, background checked doctors and the best price guarantee. Some of these top clinics in Thailand are KTOP Clinic , Nirunda International Aesthetic Centre and Yanhee Hospital Health & Beauty .

What is the facelift cost in Thailand?

The facelift cost in Thailand averages at around AUD4,600 (NZD2,685, £1,427, €1,670, US$1,860, CAD2,538). For similar surgery in a western country, you would pay around AUD24,000 (NZD26,631, £13,849, €15,802, US$18,394, CAD23,730).

Book with Medical Departures at the clinic of your choice after checking the facelift before and after pictures in Thailand, reviews, prices, maps and other information on our site. Get a good idea of what to expect by going to Thailand for a facelift – and if you’ve any questions, just ask our Customer Care Team.


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