Facelift in Thailand

The Ultimate Guide to Facelift in Thailand

Does your face look older than you feel? Give yourself a makeover with a facelift in Thailand. With quality-checked surgeons, some of the best medical facilities on the planet and amazing destinations to have a holiday it’s little wonder Thailand is the number one place for medical tourism.

A facelift, or rhytidectomy to give it its medical terminology, can improve sagging in the middle of the face and loss of muscle tone that create jowls – that loose skin that forms around the lower jaw and under the chin.

Rejuvenating your face will give you a whole new lease of life, improving your self-confidence and how others respond to you, but the decision to have a facelift is a personal one and you will have to assess whether your expectations are realistic and your goals achievable.

Why should I get a facelift in Thailand?

Thailand is the world’s number one medical tourism destination. Thousands of people successfully have all sorts of medical procedures here every year, drawn by the expertise, the standards of the hospitals/clinics and the affordable prices.

Facilities here rank very highly in comparison with other countries, including those in Australia/New Zealand, Europe and the US/Canada. Thailand was the first country in Asia to have one of its hospitals affiliated with the Joint Commission International, a prestigious organization that measures quality standards and patient standards in the international community.

Some of the facilities are more akin to boutique hotels with luxurious décor, cafes and restaurants – designed to help patients feel relaxed and pampered, and is part of the everyday service culture of Thai society.

Medical training in Thailand is competitive and excellent. It entails 6 years at medical school, after which graduates must spend 2-3 years of internship in a rural area. To become a specialist they have to have completed this 8-9 years before they can apply for a residency program. In the US it is 8 years, so the Thai system may take a little longer.

Before or after your procedure, Thailand has some fantastic destinations to holiday in, so why not have your facelift abroad and treat yourself to a vacation? You will still end up saving a substantial amount of money by going abroad, even after paying for a holiday.

What is the procedure for a facelift and how long does the procedure take?

An incision is usually made at the temples, above the hairline, extending just in front of the ear and down behind the earlobe. If you are having work on the neck a small incision is made under the chin. The fat is then separated from the muscle and suctioned or trimmed to improve contour. The muscles and skin are then tightened, excess skin removed and stitches put in to close the incisions and secure the facial tissue.

A drain may be inserted temporarily to allow fluid to de drawn away from the area and bandages used to help minimize swelling and bruising.

The surgery usually lasts 1-2 hours per area.

What is the cost of a facelift in Thailand compared to Australia or New Zealand?

It depends whether you are having a full or mini facelift, but prices are around AUD $20,000 in Australia, compared to around AUD $10,000 in Thailand for a full facelift. Mini lifts are considerably less expensive, typically costing less than half the price of a full lift.

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