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Bangkok Hospital Phuket Is One of the Best Plastic Surgery Hospitals in Thailand

The demand for cosmetic surgery is on the rise due to an aging population in countries like Australia and New Zealand who still want to look good. Not to mention that the social stigma once associated with cosmetic surgery is now virtually non-existent. However, plastic surgery still remains an expensive affair in developed countries, and this has given rise to medical tourism. Now people from a country like New Zealand and Australia can fly to places like Phuket in Thailand for liposuction or breast enlargement, spending a fraction of the costs in their home country (more on this below). In this article, we provide you an overview of plastic surgery at the Bangkok Hospital Phuket.

Why Bangkok Hospital?

This hospital was launched 22 years ago and today it is one of the most popular and well-reputed medical facilities in Thailand. Industry observers and patients have given overwhelmingly positive reviews to Bangkok Hospital Phuket. Plastic surgery, however, is only one of the several medical services that this hospital provides. There are also centers for emergency and trauma, bone and joints, skin care, and dental work etc.

Bangkok Hospital Phuket - Breast Augmentation

Bangkok Hospital has qualified surgeons on their staff who have extensive experience in breast enlargement surgery. During consultation, your surgeon will guide you regarding the optimal volume, but you can also share your own opinion regarding what size you are hoping to achieve.

After your surgery, you can return to your regular work schedule in about a week, provided that you rested properly during this time. Ask your surgeon on how to move about during your recovery period and follow his instructions to the letter. This is imperative for the lasting success of your surgery.

As for the costs, you can see the difference yourself:

  • Cost of Breast Augmentation in Australia - AUD 15,500
  • Cost of Breast Augmentation in New Zealand - NZD 16,500
  • Cost of Breast Augmentation in Thailand - AUD 6700 and NZD 7200

Bangkok Hospital Phuket - Liposuction

Liposuction is also a highly sought-after cosmetic procedure that Bangkok Hospital Phuket offers. Some people do liposuction because they do not want to invest a lot of time in exercise, while others get the procedure done because diet and exercise did not work for them. This is especially true for patients who can’t rid of fat in some problems areas despite following a health regimen.

Again, the lower costs for liposuction are extremely attractive:

  • Cost of Liposuction in Australia: AUD $8100
  • Cost of Liposuction in New Zealand: NZD $ 8800
  • Cost of Liposuction in Thailand: AUD $3000 and NZD $3300

The great thing about Bangkok Hospital is that you will not have to go through extensive wait times which typical of Australian hospitals. It is also possible that your surgery will take place on the same day as your physical examination, which will save precious time considering that you have taken days off of work.

So this was a brief overview of what you can expect when you go for plastic surgery at Bangkok Hospital Phuket. You can also read online reviews to learn more about the hospital.

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