Liposuction in Thailand

The Ultimate Guide to Liposuction in Thailand

Last fact-checked: 20 December 2020

Get slimmer and trimmer with liposuction in Thailand, one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures worldwide. "Lipo" gets rid of the fat you never thought you could lose, and when booking at a Medical Departures' verified clinic is safe and affordable.

Liposuction can be used on all those difficult areas in your body–stomach, hips, thighs, bottom, calves, arms and even your back. You can target just one site or you can have several sites done on the same day, sculpting your body into the shape you desire.

Find out more with Medical Departures, including where to book and how much you can save in Thailand. 

Why Should I Consider Liposuction in Thailand?

Thailand is home to some of the world’s leading facilities; mandy are accredited by the Joint Commission International, a prestigious international organization that offers accreditation for high standards in healthcare and patient safety.

By travelling to Thailand for surgery, you also have the chance to enjoy a rewarding holiday before your procedure, with the country home to dozens of superb beach, mountain and city locations. From the rolling green hills of Chiang Mai to the beaches in the south and buzzing capital, Bangkok, Thailand has so much going for it as both a leisure and medical tourism destination.

Before you book any medical procedure abroad, you should always do some due diligence. Find out what you can about the procedure, and more importantly, about the clinic and/or the physician who will be performing it. It is your body and you shouldn’t take unnecessary risks. While Thailand offers high-quality medical facilities and the expertise to match, it is worth spending a little time making sure you have picked a well-established, reliable hospital or clinic.

Why Book with Medical Departures?

Booking with Medical Departures helps ensure that you will be seen by a quality-checked doctor whose qualifications, professional memberships and experience have been fully verified. Furthermore, you can view real patient reviews, clinic photos and virtual clinic tours on our website, so you can look before you book and assess the facilities for yourself.

Other top reasons to book with us include:

  • Medical Departures offers a Best Price Guarantee, so you'll never pay more than you need to.
  • Over the last decade, we’ve helped more than 100,000 patients obtain top medical care at quality-checked clinics overseas.
  • Our listings include everything you need to make your own informed choice of the right clinic for you with maps, prices, clinic photos and other information to make your decision easy. 

Get started now by checking out these top-rated clinics in for liposuction in Thailand:

What’s Involved in a Liposuction Procedure and How Long Does it Take?

Most liposuction procedures take less than an hour, although it can take several hours if you are having multiple sites done on both sides of your body.

There are also different techniques which may be used by your physician:

  • Tumescent liposuction uses a mixture of anesthetic and saline solution which is injected into the designated target areas through small incisions;
  • Ultrasound liposuction liquefies the fat with ultrasound.

Note: In both cases, the fat is removed through a specialized suction device. Read more in detail about what liposuction surgery involves here

How Much Can I Save on Liposuction in Thailand?

Prices vary according to how many areas are treated, but average prices for liposuction per area in Thailand are around AUD $2,500 (USD $2,000, CAD $2,300; £1,200 GBP, €1,700). This is compared to an average of AUD $5,000 in Australia (USD $3,800, CAD $4,700; £2,500 GBP, €3,500), although many of our clients find that they are able to save in the region of 60 - 70%.

The prices above are approximate. Please check our current prices for your selected clinic for estimated costs of treatment.

Next Steps:

Find great clinics and surgeons and see what's available.

Book your treatment directly through our site or ask our Customer Care Team for a free quote on your liposuction in Thailand. They can also help you with other aspects of your trip, such as travel, insurance and finance. 


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