Bangkok Hospitals are a Great Choice for Cosmetic Surgery


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Southeast Asia's popular tourist destination, Thailand, has a lot more to offer other than a relaxing vacation. The country is gaining worldwide recognition for medical tourism. In the past decade, Thailand's medical infrastructure and health care system have improved immeasurably. Along with sightseeing and vacation plans, people should keep medical visits on their itinerary when they visit the country.

There are many great Bangkok hospitals, however, in terms of quality procedures, and a competitive price list, Samitivej Hospital Sukhumvit stands out from the rest.

Why Choose Bangkok Hospitals?

There are a lot of excellent Bangkok hospitals, which are primarily responsible for drawing in travelers to experience Thailand’s medical tourism industry . The reasons include the inexpensive medical facilities, a caring and friendly environment, and the English-speaking medical professionals.


Aesthetic treatments are among the most popular procedures in Bangkok - plastic surgery, cosmetic dermatology and non-invasive treatments being highly sought after. Some of the best cosmetic surgeons operate in Bangkok. Bangkok is a perfect destination for getting high-quality cosmetic treatments at extremely reasonable prices.

More than a hundred different treatments ranging from hair transplants, nose job, facelifts, neck lifts, dental implants, liposuction, skin tightening, breast augmentation, etc. are available in the Bangkok hospitals.

Availability of Advanced Medical Infrastructure

Latest medical equipment, high-quality medical care, highly experienced surgeons, comfortable accommodation facilities are available in the Bangkok Hospitals. Many Bangkok doctors hold international experience and got their training from renowned Western medical institutions. Best Bangkok hospitals provide their patients with five-star facilities during their stay in the country.

Tourist Attractions

Bangkok hosts plenty of wellness resorts. Ayurveda treatments, Chinese medicine, Thai therapies, Foot Massages, and Aromatherapy, attract tourists and allows medical patients to relax. There are also many beautiful beaches to recuperate on after a visit to the hospital.

The Best Hospital with Globally Recognized Healthcare Facilities

Many private hospitals in Bangkok are recognized globally for their infrastructure and medical facilities. The private medical sector is primarily responsible for driving foreign medical tourists to the country.

Some of the Bangkok hospitals, such as Samitivej Hospital, are famous worldwide for their medical facilities. Many such hospitals have grown exponentially in the last few decades due to advancement in their infrastructure and services.

For instance, Samitivej Hospital was founded in 1979, and today it is a leading healthcare provider in southeast Asia. It is probably the best hospital in Bangkok and the first Thailand hospital to be awarded the mother and baby friendly hospital status by WHO and UNICEF in 1999. All kinds of cosmetic procedures such as arm lift, areola reduction, breast lift and augmentation, nipple reduction, facelift, nose implant, liposuction, etc. are available in the hospital

Great prices at Samitivej Hospital

Most of the medical treatments in Bangkok cost a fraction of what they cost in developed nations. Foreign patients save as much as 90% on their medical procedures. Whether it is plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures or even orthopedics, these procedures can be undertaken at a very low cost.

So jump online, check out the Samitivej Hospital Sukhumvit price list and book your cosmetic surgery appointment.

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