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Looking for Botox in Bangkok? The Cost will be a Pleasant Surprise

Men and women get botox for both cosmetic and medical purposes. Botox can not only remove wrinkles from your forehead, but it can also help treat medical conditions like chronic migraine and excessive sweating. So in different ways, botox can improve your quality of life and positively impact your emotional well-being. But while it is an effective treatment for wrinkled skin, botox prices are high in countries like Australia. In sharp contrast, botox in Bangkok costs quite less. That is why so many people opt for botox in Bangkok.

Comparison of Costs

The cost of cosmetic and plastic surgery in Thailand is low for many international visitors.The average cost of a botox unit in Australia is AUD 20 while it is NZD 22 in New Zealand. However, the cost of botox in Bangkok per unit costs AUD 17 and NZD 18. This means you are saving more than 15% on each unit of botox just by getting it in Bangkok instead of Australia and New Zealand. There is no universal limit on the units a patient gets, so you will be saving quite a bit.


Every face is different, and only your doctor can tell you how many units you can have before it’s too much. The point here is that while the per unit savings may not be as substantial to encourage a flight to Bangkok, but the total cost saving will increase with the number of units you get. In the end, your botox Bangkok cost can be several hundreds of dollars lower than your home country.

Factors That Influence Botox Costs in Bangkok

There are many things that cause the cost of botox in Bangkok to stay low. Firstly, the cost of running a botox clinic is lower in Thailand as compared to developed countries like Australia and New Zealand. Since the overheads are lower, this keeps the cost of treatment affordable as well. Moreover, medical tourism is a big business in Thailand; private clinics compete with each other to attract the greatest number of foreign patients, which further lowers the botox Bangkok cost.

This is also why Bangkok clinics are very straightforward about their prices, especially with overseas patients. They know that their highest price will still be affordable for Australian and New Zealand patients. You can search various clinics to see who offers the best price so that you can get the best deal on your treatment.

But don’t fall for any trap. Many mall clinics, especially those inside malls will give you tempting offers. In these cases, you should exercise caution and check for the license and experience of the doctor. Ask whether the doctor has prior botox experience or not.

You should also look for online reviews to ascertain if any major complications have been experienced by their previous clients. This will give you a first-hand account of how a particular hospital or clinic treats it patients. There are many low-cost botox providers who have resorted to negligence due to high volumes of patients they attract. However, the good news is that getting reliable Botox in Bangkok is easy, at a very reasonable cost, if you book with Medical Departures. Not only do we do background checks on all clinics we partner with, but we also offer the guaranteed best prices.

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