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Want to Get Breast Augmentation? La Grace Clinic ( Pattaya) Offers You High-Quality Surgery at the Lowest Price

Women go for breast augmentation for many reasons. Some women are not satisfied with their size and want to enhance it surgically. However, such a procedure costs a lot of money, especially in Australia or New Zealand. Many women from these countries head to medical tourism destinations like Thailand. If you want to travel abroad for breast augmentation, La Grace Clinic in Pattaya is the ideal choice.

Before you fly out to Thailand for breast augmentation, review the information in this article and determine whether La Grace is the best choice or not.

About La Grace Clinic

La Grace Clinic in Pattaya is one of the 15 branches in this chain of top-notch cosmetic clinics in Thailand. Inside the clinic, you get all the amenities and technology to ensure your comfort and to enhance your beauty using the most innovated techniques. The clinic is also located at the Central Pattaya Beach, making it convenient for medical tourists who want to tour the area as well.

The clinic has a large clientele that includes patients from countries like Australia and New Zealand as well. The clinic offers you an extensive range of cosmetic treatments, both surgical and non-surgical. Examples are rhinoplasty, breast enlargement, Botox, and fillers etc.

Along with cosmetic surgery, you can also go for effective non-invasive procedures to remove wrinkles, scars, and acne from your face and achieve a smooth and youthful skin. Skin tightening is also done with Super Thermage Lift, which is an alternative to surgery for those who don’t want to go under the knife. Then there is the Miracle Deep Gold treatment that aims to enhance the glow on your skin.

Surgeons at La Grace Clinic

You can learn more about the aforementioned treatments by speaking to a specialist at the clinic. Surgeons at La Grace Clinic are highly qualified, experienced, and licensed. The medical team works under the supervision of Dr. Suthasinee Pinpranee, who is a 25-year veteran in the cosmetic industry.

Dr. Pinpranee attended Laser Candela at the Kanasawa Hospital (Japan) in 1995 and did post graduation in Laser Dermatology from the Harvard Medical School in 1996. She has trained in Europe as well, and this international exposure enables her to achieve the best results for her clients.

You can talk to her about the breast enlargement process, and also look at breast augmentation before and after pictures to get a better idea of what the procedure can achieve for you.

Breast Augmentation Cost

The average cost of breast augmentation in Australia and New Zealand is AUD $15680 and NZD $16823 respectively. However, you can get the same surgery at the La Grace Clinic in Pattaya for as low as AUD $4492-$6739 and NZD $4820-7230. This gives you a discount of 65%. Other procedures at this clinic also offer similar cost savings as compared to your home country.

The best thing is you’re not compromising on your health. The low prices are merely a reflection of the lower operating costs in the Thai medical industry. So if you want to get breast augmentation, La Grace Clinic in Pattaya is a great choice.


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