Do Hospitals Thailand Allow Gender Selection During IVF?


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If you are seeking infertility treatments but are worried about how much they will cost, medical tourism is a great solution to your problem. Flying to a country like Thailand will not only save you thousands of dollars on in vitro fertilization (IVF), but the country offers the same degree of medical care that you would expect to receive in countries such as Australia and New Zealand. Medical Departures are here to offer assistance regarding IVF (Thailand), gender selection, prices and top quality fertility hospitals in Thailand .

What is the Cost of IVF in Thailand?

IVF costs in Thailand can vary from clinic to clinic. Here’s a good cost comparison of average prices that you might find useful:


  • Cost of IVF in Australia: AUD $16,000

  • Cost of IVF in New Zealand: NZD $16,800

  • Cost of IVF in Thailand: AUD $9,400 and NZD $9,900 respectively


As you can see, getting IVF in Thailand will save you at least 40% compared to domestic prices in your home country. This is good news for people whose insurance doesn’t cover the cost of IVF. Even factoring in the cost of travel and accommodation, you will still spend less than if you undergo the same medical treatment in Australia or New Zealand.


You are also getting a chance to explore the beauty and culture of Thailand. Having trouble in conceiving is already an emotionally challenging endeavor, which is why the serene atmosphere of Thailand is ideal for getting IVF treatment away from the stress of your daily life.

What About Gender Selection?

For some people seeking IVF in Thailand, gender selection is a major concern. In this regard, it is always better to contact your clinic or doctor to see if they can accommodate gender selection. Only your chosen hospital can provide this information, but you may want to touch base with the following reputable IVF clinics first:



You can find information pertaining to gender selection on their official websites, and you can always call or email them. It’s best that you do a little bit of your own research to find a clinic that best suits your needs.

Finding the Best Hospital

There are several IVF review websites, blogs and message boards on the internet where you can read about the best IVF hospitals in Thailand. You can find internationally accredited hospitals in Thailand as well, but you should mainly look for hospitals that have years of experience in IVF, have the latest technology for these treatments and have board-certified doctors.


As far as prices are concerned, even the top-most hospitals will be cheaper than your home country. Also, these hospitals regularly feature exclusive holiday packages for tourists which can lower your expenses even more.


Another effective method of finding the best hospital for IVF treatment is to look for recommendations and referrals from previous patients. If you know someone who has gone to Thailand as a medical tourist, then their suggestions will be invaluable. You can ask them all about IVF, Thailand, gender selection, or any other questions you have in mind regarding your medical needs. Alternatively, contact our Customer Care Team today and start planning your medical vacation now!

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