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As a Medical Tourist in Thailand, Tummy Tuck is One of the Best Cosmetic Procedures You Can Get

Exercise and weight loss may help you shed excess pounds, but sometimes you do not get the desired tightness and flatness around your waist. In this case, a tummy tuck procedure can be immensely helpful. However, such a procedure may not be that economical in countries like Australia or New Zealand. You can save thousands of dollars by getting tummy tuck in Thailand. Tummy tuck clinics can be found across Thailand. Let’s look at some of the best clinics where you can get a tummy tuck in Thailand.

Yanhee Hospital

The JCI-accredited Yanhee hospital is one of the oldest hospitals in Thailand, and has a great reputation among local and international patients. Since 1984, this hospital has treated patients from over 160 countries, especially from Australia and New Zealand. The clinic gets the majority of its business from repeat patients, especially when it comes to cosmetic procedures like tummy tuck. This hospital has 15 floors with hundreds of beds. There are 150 doctors working full time at this facility along with 800 nurses. There are hundreds of part-time caregivers as well. Note that apart from cosmetic surgery, Yanhee offers all sorts of medical services as well.

Nirunda Cellport Clinic

Unlike the hospital described above, Nirunda clinic is relatively new. Although launched in 2007, the clinic has become one of the most well-reputed centers for tummy tuck due to its impressive team of doctors. Surgeons at this clinic have received their training abroad, and that is why they are well aware of international surgical procedures and protocols. Since it is located inside the medical building of Sukhumvit 24 , this clinic uses the latest technology for the best results. When you sign up for a procedure like tummy tuck, before and after pictures can help you get an idea of the results you can expect from surgery.

Samitivej Hospital

Another top hospital in Bangkok, Samitivej has been serving local and foreign patients for almost four decades now. This hospital has 250 rooms for patients with around 1200 medical caregivers. Samitivej has a dedicated clinic for breast augmentation, where highly qualified surgeons will assist you getting fuller breasts. This hospital was also one of the first to receive the prized JCI-accreditation in Asia.

Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute

The PPSI is located inside the prestigious Phuket International Hospital, which is one of the best medical facilities in Phuket. This institute also upholds the quality of Phuket International Hospital as well. What makes this hospital unique is the 11 top quality surgeons, all of whom are board-certified and have a good international standing. All these professionals are highly qualified and have extensive experience in the field.
Thank’s to this tummy tuck review, Thailand’s best clinics for this procedure are no longer hidden from you. Hopefully this information will help you make the best of your visit to Thailand. Tummy tuck becomes a much simpler and affordable affair in this beautiful country. You can easily plan your trip and schedule a consultation online.


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