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If you desperately need eyelid surgery but are struggling to meet the costs being charged by hospitals in your own country, then maybe you should consider travelling abroad for treatment. For example, in Thailand, eye surgery costs are a fraction of the amount being charged in most western countries, plus you get to enjoy an exotic foreign vacation at the same time!


Different Eyelid Surgeries in Thailand

Your upper eyelids may be drooping and you may have sagging skin. In some extreme cases, these conditions can even impair vision. Your lower eyelids may have bags and look puffy, and you may even have dark circles under each eye. If you have exhausted all the possible superficial remedies, then maybe it’s time you considered eyelid surgery.


You can choose to get either the upper or the lower eyelids treated, depending on your personal requirements and how your eyelids look. In some instances, a double procedure is carried out on both the upper and lower eyelids. The surgery removes excess skin and fat (if you have prominent eye bags) and then the sutures are placed in natural creases where they are virtually invisible. This surgery is usually done as an outpatient procedure, unless you are getting other surgeries done at the same time. Eyelid surgery may be combined with a facelift, browplasty, neck lift, facial contouring or other face enhancing procedures.


Affordable Eyelid Surgery Prices in Thailand

Thailand has high quality hospitals and cosmetic surgery clinics. The medical infrastructure in the country is robust enough to cope with the increasing demand created by medical tourists seeking out low cost, high quality cosmetic treatments. There are now more than 50 Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals in different parts of the country, testifying to the quality of the state-of-the-art facilities that are readily available here.

All of these quality eyelid surgery clinics in Thailand offer treatments at affordable rates due to the cost of living in Thailand being so low compared to western countries. For blepharoplasty surgery in Thailand , you can expect to pay in the region of AUD $2015 (NZD $2119, GBP £1168, €1342, USD $1500, CAD $2016), which is substantially less than domestic prices that typically cost around AUD $8400 (NZD $8831, GBP £4870, €5596, USD $6250, CAD $8402).

Check out the Reviews

Reading through eyelid surgery reviews from patients who have undergone the process in Thailand can provide invaluable insights into where to go for the treatment and what to expect. The Medical Departures website contains exclusive listings of quality-checked clinics and surgeons in Thailand , along with customer reviews and before and after photos, to help you make the right choice for your eyelid procedure.

While there are many medical centers in Thailand that do eyelid surgery, the centers listed offer high quality amenities and have trained and experienced doctors working there. You can select from clinics like Yanhee Hospital , Nirunda Cellport , Samitivej Hospital , Ktop Clinic , Naravee Aesthetic Clinic or Vis Clinic that have been quality checked by Medical Departures. Thailand eye surgery costs at these clinics are affordable, and arranging your treatment is easy if you make your booking through us.

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