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You have likely heard that Thailand is a great place for medical tourism, and locations like Chiang Mai great for plastic surgery. Many people leave extremely positive feedback about their experiences of breast surgery, including some great breast augmentation reviews. Chiang Mai is becoming an increasingly popular destination for these travelers. It is a lot more peaceful than Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket, meaning you can get quality medical work done, while also escaping the stress of your day to day life.

A Mountain Paradise

Chiang Mai is located in Northern Thailand. Mountains surround the city, making it one of the most scenic locations in Thailand. Whether you're shopping at the market, eating at a restaurant, or visiting your doctor, this amazing landscape will always be evident. This makes it perfect for taking amazing photos to show family and friends back home. However, it's not just the beauty of the landscape that you should be concerned about, but also your own beauty...

Only Pay Prices A Fraction Of Those At Home

Everyone wants to have a beautiful holiday, but let's face it, the main reason to travel to Chiang Mai is to save money, many thousands in fact, on cosmetic surgery. Have a look at the tables below to see breast augmentation costs for your country.



Price in Australia (AUD)

Price in Chiang Mai (AUD)

Amount Saved (AUD)

Breast Augmentation





Price in New Zealand (NZD)

Price in Chiang Mai (NZD)

Amount Saved (NZD)

Breast Augmentation




This is a saving of over $10,000. So really, it's difficult to justify overpaying in Australia or New Zealand. Obviously there the inconvenience of flying to Chiang Mai, however, in return you can a great holiday as well. Furthermore, this awesome holiday will only cost a small portion of your savings.

It is not just breast augmentation surgery that is inexpensive. Similar savings can be had for most other cosmetic treatments and surgeries. So, if you require other work done, then you will save even more.

Internationally Acclaimed Clinics

Chiang Mai breast augmentation clinics are world-class, such as the Rose Clinic Chiang Mai and the DIAA Aesthetic Clinic. These are designed specifically for foreign patients. What we mean by this is that the doctors are trained to an international standard, the implants used are the same as the ones used back home, and the staff speak fluent English. You can be assured that you will be well taken care of the entire time and only receive high-quality medical services.

To find out more about these clinics read some breast augmentation reviews. These can be found on the clinics’ pages on the Medical Departures website. What's great, is that they are honest opinions, from real patients, who have actually made the trip to Chiang Mai.

Make Chiang Mai Your Medical Destination

Why wait any longer? Start doing your research and especially read some breast augmentation reviews. Chiang Mai is such an amazing location where you can have a great holiday, transform your appearance, improve your confidence, AND pay low prices.

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