Facts about tummy tuck hospital in Bangkok


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If you have a loose and sagging abdomen, then why not consider abdominoplasty surgery in Bangkok. Tummy tuck (as it’s known in non-medical circles) will get rid of excess skin and tissue and give you a flat tummy once again. There are many reasons for a sagging tummy: pregnancy (one or more), weight loss, hormonal problems and menopause can all lead to this loose skin - which, despite diet and exercise may be resistant to disappearing.

What can a tummy tuck do?

The tummy tuck can get rid of this extra hanging skin and tissue, and you can even get the abdominal muscles tightened. This surgery will also help somewhat in getting rid of stretch marks as the skin is excised. However, it cannot do anything about accumulated fat around the belly and for that you would need to combine tummy tuck with liposuction.


If you feel that you could do with tummy tuck surgery, Bangkok is a great option. You can get a mini tummy tuck done that involves only the lower part of the abdomen or the major one that may also include repositioning of the navel. You need to discuss with the doctor and have realistic expectations of what to expect after tummy tuck surgery in Bangkok.

Why choose Bangkok hospital tummy tuck?

Medical tourism is well-established in Bangkok - plastic surgery being a particular favorite of international visitors, keen to take advantage of good quality and low prices.

Hospitals in Bangkok offer this surgery at affordable rates. For instance in Australia this procedure would you cost you an average of AU$14,000 (NZD15,086, £8,041, €9,498, CAD14,235, US$10,367). In Bangkok you can get the same surgery at less than 50 percent of the price you would pay in your home country.

The medical facilities are excellent, many of the medical centers are large and have English speaking staff, you can get a well appointed room and the operation theaters are well equipped, you should have no apprehensions about getting tummy tuck surgery in Bangkok. The doctors, too, are well trained professional, experts in their fields and many may have international accreditations as well.

Different kinds of hospitals in Bangkok

The two main kinds of hospitals in Bangkok are public and private. It is in the private hospitals that you can get plastic surgery done. While some of the hospitals may be expensive by Thai standards, they are very reasonably priced when compared to private hospitals in western countries. Additionally you can expect

  • Large private hospitals see vast numbers of foreign medical tourists including those that go for plastic surgery.

  • The plastic surgeons are highly experienced and qualified.

  • Many offer a range of plastic surgeries as well as cosmetic treatments.

  • Pricing can depend on individual patients and their exact requirements, but you should get a quote before you do the booking.

  • Most hospitals have English speaking staff and doctors, and Thai plastic surgeons are well-skilled and qualified.

  • They may offer guarantees as well.

All these benefits are at affordable rates and you can combine a holiday with your plastic surgery. In fact you can choose a good quality hotel to rest and recuperate after your Bangkok tummy tuck surgery before you get the go ahead to return home.