How Much Do Breast Implants Cost in Bangkok?


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1. Breast Implants in Bangkok

 If you are considering getting breast implants, Bangkok is the city for you. Bangkok offers high quality medical care, including, hospitals that have obtained Joint Commission International accreditation. Moreover, Bangkok breast implant costs are some of the lowest in the world. 

2. Cost of Breast implants in Bangkok

 The cost of breast implants in Bangkok can vary, but regardless, the cost is much lower than you will pay in the US, UK, Australia, or Europe. On average, breast implants in Bangkok cost AUD$5,000. You can get breast implants at the Joint Commission International accredited Yanhee Hospital at competitive prices to other providers in Bangkok. Plastic surgery is extremely popular here and so there is plenty to choose from in terms of good quality and affordable prices.


3. Cost of Breast Implants at Bangkok’s Yanhee Hospital

 The cost of breast implants at Yanhee Hospital is low. In fact, the cost of breast implants at Yanhee Hospital can be up to 400% cheaper than receiving them in Europe. The following are the highest prices that you will pay for breast implants at Yanhee Hospital: An areola reduction costs AUD$1,549; A breast augmentation costs AUD$7,357; Breast implants costs AUD$5,421; A breast lift costs AUD$4,840; A breast reduction costs AUD$4,840; Breast implant or augmentation correction costs AUD$8,132; and A nipple reduction costs AUD$1,355.

 You can get round breast implants at Yanhee Hospital with different kinds of implant filler for the following costs: McGhan (AUS$ 4,647); Mentor (AUD$5,034); and Natrelle (AUD$5,422).

 You can get teardrop breast implants at Yanhee Hospital with different kinds of implant filler for the following costs: Mentor (AUD$6,582); and Natrelle (AUD$7,357).

 Booking through Medical Departures also ensures that you will always pay the lowest prices with our best price guarantee. 

4. Customer Reviews of Cost of Breast Implants at Yanhee Hospital

 In April 2017, Karen got breast implants at Yanhee Hospital, and she was extremely satisfied. She was especially fond of the way Yanhee Hospital quoted her a specific price, and that was exactly what she paid. She found that other hospitals in Bangkok give will tell you some basic cost, but it ends up costing you a lot more when you get there. She specifically stated she was happy that Yanhee Hospital gave her exactly the medicine she needed. The hospital did not tell her that she could not have the medicine she wanted because it was not included in her package, which has happened to her at other Bangkok hospitals. 

Also, Danielle got a breast lift form Yanhee Hospital in 2015. She states that “the total cost for my surgery was 92,020 Thai Baht,” which is AUD$3,566. Moreover, she noted that this price included “the actual surgery, plus two nights in the hospital, food for [me], all medications and registration [costs].” Finally, Danielle said that this breast lift would have cost her more than 200,000 Thai Baht (AUD$7,750) to have it done at home. In fact, some readers of Danielle’s testimonial found her experience, and Bangkok breast implant cost to be so reassuring that they choose to have breast implants at Yanhee Hospital.

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