How to Find a Good Clinic in Playa del Carmen for a Tummy Tuck


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Utilize Medical Departures Expertise

Medical Departures is the ultimate online portal for medical tourists. We go to great lengths to ensure only the best clinics, such as the Age Less Clinic , are added to our database. Some of the things included in our stringent screening process are:

  • Conducting onsite visits

  • Checking legal/criminal records

  • Verifying staff qualifications and association memberships

  • Consolidating authentic patient reviews

So when you’re out to find a good clinic for tummy tuck surgery in Playa del Carmen, you should utilize Medical Departures. Here are 3 important things you should review on our portal:


Instead of just reading the clinic websites, review the clinic descriptions on our site. These will give you a more balanced view of the clinic you’re considering.



As mentioned above, we collate authentic reviews from previous patients. These testimonials provide valuable insight as you search for the right clinic.

Before & After Photos

Your research for the best clinic would be incomplete without tummy tuck before and after photos. Playa del Carmen has many brilliant surgeons and these photos help you set realistic expectations from the procedure, which go a long way in patient satisfaction from cosmetic procedures.

Ask Around

In addition to getting your information on Medical Departures, you can also ask around in the real world. Maybe a colleague, neighbor or a mutual friend has been to Mexico for a tummy tuck or some other procedure. Talking to a medical tourist is a great way to better understand the experience. And, of course, the information they share can also be used for finding a good clinic for tummy tuck surgery in Playa del Carmen.

Consider the Prices, While Focusing on Other Factors

Price is the biggest reason why people become medical tourists. You won’t be going to Mexico for a tummy tuck if it cost the same as in your hometown! Remember that all the top clinics like Age Less Clinic will offer prices that are much lower than your home prices. So you shouldn’t get too hung up on the prices as you look at the different clinics within Playa del Carmen. In any case, here’s the average cost comparison that you should be aware of:

Cost of tummy tuck in the US: USD $10,100

Cost of tummy tuck in Canada: CAD $12,600

Cost of tummy tuck in Playa del Carmen: USD $5,000 / CAD $6,300

So that means you will save around USD $5,000 / CAD $6,300 whichever clinic you choose (listed with us). And that, in turn, means that you can focus on other factors when deciding among the clinics in Playa del Carmen. Like which one you felt was more friendly, which one is more convenient for your dates and timings etc.

So, now you know how to find a good clinic for tummy tuck surgery in Playa del Carmen. Best of luck!