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Not being able to conceive makes many women feel like they are not worthy to be alive. The pressure society places on them does not help either. Society does not understand the grief that comes with infertility. However, in Bangkok, in vitro fertilization has given hope to people who want to have a child but cannot conceive naturally.


Bangkok offers a solution for those looking for affordable and high standard fertility services. Cost-efficient in vitro fertilization, Bangkok, coupled with memorable moments at one of the best vacation destinations in the world will ensure you conceive under the best conditions possible. Among the clinics you should look into include:


1. Takara IVF, Bangkok.


Located in the center of Bangkok, Takara IVF center has a solid reputation infertility treatments.


With the use of the most advanced treatment procedures available, the team is dedicated to helping you get a healthy child. The treatments are tailored to meet your specific needs.


Infertility treatments are completed using the latest IVF technology from Japan and fine medical equipment. The care package is detailed, and it addresses not only the physical needs of the patient but also the emotional needs.


Under the leadership of Dr. Santha Srisuparp, the team of specialists who are mainly trained in the UK and Japan offer the best care you can get in the world.


The services offered include:


  • Donor and Surrogacy.

  • Infertility workup.

  • Consultation and counseling.

  • Sperm preparation.

  • Cryopreservation.

  • IUI.


  • IVF and ICSI.

  • Assisted hatching.

  • SEET.

  • Two-stage Embryo Transfer Technique.


The procedures are carried out in a clean and hygienic environment. To ensure no mistakes are made, solo procedures are not allowed.


2.Vejthani Hospital.


This IVF clinic serves both international and local clients. It was established more than two decades ago(1994). More than 300,000 patients from over 40 countries in the world are treated at Vejthani hospital. Due to the high number of international patients visiting the hospital, special international services are available to ensure the needs of the foreigners are addressed.


With state-of-art equipment and the finest equipment available, you will be able to conceive under the safest conditions possible. You can preserve embryo, sperms or eggs for future use.


3.Piyavate International Hospital.


The Piyavate internationally renowned hospital which has specialists in all medical fields. It is one of the best clinics offering in vitro fertilization, Bangkok at competitive prices. You get to be an active participant in coming up with a treatment plan. At the end of the sessions, you will be ready to go home with a healthy fetus growing in your belly.


4. Phyathai 2 International Hospital.


Phyathai International Hospital was founded in 1987 and boasts of a highly qualified team of specialists. Phyathai Hospital is second to none in the world. It is not just about helping the couples conceive but also ensuring this takes place under a conducive environment. That is why counseling services are offered to the couples undergoing in vitro fertilization Bangkok.


Given that our customer care agents available to answer your question throughout the day and night, you will be able to make proper decisions. Call toll-free for further clarification concerning Bangkok in vitro fertilization.

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