No Downtime Anti-Aging Skin Treatments in Pattaya


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If you need anti-aging treatments, review Pattaya and its clinics the next time you’re there. There are many amazing clinics in this Thai city that you can head to for some no-downtime anti-aging skin treatments. You get to turn back the clock on your face while saving money. Beauty treatments don’t get better than that!

From the high-quality clinics to low anti-age treatment cost, Pattaya has what it takes to impress medical tourists. Many people visiting Pattaya for work, vacation of another expensive treatment opt for some quick anti-aging treatments. Let’s look at some of the most popular ones.

Anti-Aging Injections – Botox and Dermal Fillers

Both Botox and dermal fillers are popular anti-aging options. Since they’re both administered via injections, they’re often confused as the same thing. The main difference between the two is that Botox focuses on reducing the activity of facial muscles that cause wrinkles.

Dermal fillers on the other hand, act on the troubled areas by stimulating collagen (the main structural protein) growth in the face, while also lifting up the skin for replacing collagen loss.

Both methods result in a youthful appearance, removing signs of aging. And they’re fairly simple and done quite quickly. These no-downtime anti-aging treatments should definitely be on your things to do during your stay in Pattaya.

Check out the average cost comparisons for the Botox and dermal fillers and see how much you can save:

Cost of dermal filler in Australia: AUD $800

Cost of dermal filler in New Zealand: NZD $870

Cost of dermal filler in Pattaya: AUD $500 / NZD $545

Cost of Botox injection in Australia: AUD $20

Cost of Botox injection in New Zealand: NZD $22

Cost of Botox injection in Pattaya: AUD $12.5 / NZD $13.6

Chemical Peel

This is another no-downtime anti-aging skin treatment you can go for when you’re in Pattaya. The chemical peel can be used to smoothen your skin’s texture, treating sun-damaged skin and wrinkles. You can choose from different types of chemical peels and for each you can choose the depth of the peel. You can discuss which one you need at the clinic in Pattaya. As the peel comes off, it rids you of the old, outermost, damaged layer of the skin, and the younger skin underneath is revealed.

Here’s the cost difference:

Cost of chemical peel in Australia: AUD $3,000

Cost of chemical peel in New Zealand: NZD $3,270

Cost of chemical peel in Pattaya: AUD $1500 / NZD $1635

No Downtime, No Funny Business

No discount is worth it if you have to compromise on your health. So rest assured that while you enjoy amazing prices in Pattaya on an anti-aging treatment, you’re getting top-level quality.

The only catch is that you need to find the right class of clinics. Medical Departures helps you in this regard. Here you can find the best clinics in Pattaya. Only first-rate clinics such as Apex Profound Beauty Clinic , Nicha Clinic and Vplast Clinic are added to our portal.

So if you’re interesting in getting the best anti-aging treatments, review Pattaya’s top clinics mentioned above and visit one when you’re there. It’s just amazing to return home looking and feeling younger.


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