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Demand for plastic surgery worldwide is rising , but in the West, the costs continue to increase as well. As cosmetic treatments are not classed as necessary care, medical insurance will not cover the costs , which is why North Americans, Europeans, and others around the world look for options outside their country.

Thailand is one place that offers affordable plastic surgery and a popular destination is Bangkok . You will discover many safe, reliable, affordable clinics there including the Tanaporn Clinic: Ratchada , which is part of the 10-branch Tanaporn Group of clinics.

The Tanaporn Clinic: Ratchada is popular with Medical Departures visitors and it is highly recommended for the following reasons:

Procedures Offered

The Tanaporn Clinic: Ratchada specializes in non-invasive treatments such as fillers, thermage, and laser therapies as well as offering innovative solutions to remove signs of aging. Medical Departures provides before-and-after photos from patients who have undergone treatment in the clinic, so you can see for yourself what to expect.


How Affordable is Tanaporn Clinic: Ratchada?

Cosmetic procedures are much more affordable in Thailand compared to countries such as New Zealand or Australia, illustrated by the comparison table below:


Price in Thailand

Price at Home











Dermal Filler





Laser Treatment










You could save more money on these non-invasive procedures by combining surgeries as there is little downtime.

How Do I Get Started?

Tanaporn Clinic: Ratchada is a popular clinic offering a range of non-invasive treatments at low prices. Contact the Medical Departures Customer Care Center to schedule your appointment today!.


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