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Thinking of plastic surgery in Thailand? Don’t know where to start? There are plenty of excellent clinics in the Kingdom with Bangkok being a particularly popular destination. Blessed with good-quality clinics, one you may want to take a closer look at is the Nirunda Clinic, Bangkok. Review the listing on the Medical Departures website for further information, but in the meantime, here’s a taster of some of things patients have said of their experiences.


Medical Tourism Clinics in Bangkok

Bangkok is a great city for medical tourism. The huge capital city of Thailand in Southeast Asia, it has state-of-the-art medical clinics where patients can receive top quality plastic surgery at a fraction of the cost in Australia, Europe, North America, or the Middle East. Moreover, traveling to Bangkok for medical tourism is easy because of the number flights into and out of Bangkok on a daily basis.


Nirunda Clinic Bangkok Reviews from Customers

Medical tourism in Bangkok is an extremely popular way for individuals seeking to combine top quality medical treatment with an exotic vacation location. The Nirunda Cellport Thailand Clinic is one of the top medical clinics in Bangkok.


Jessica reviewed Nirunda Clinic in December 2016. In November 2016, she went to the Nirunda Clinic Bangkok as a medical tourism patient for plastic surgery, less than three weeks she was already feeling wonderful. In addition, she chose Nirunda Clinic Bangkok as a medical tourism patient based on the experience that her friend had had went to the Nirunda Clinic Bangkok for plastic surgery as a medical tourism patient in 2015.


In August 2016, Maureen reviewed her experience at the Nirunda Clinic Bangkok. She went to Nirunda Clinic Bangkok as a medical tourism patient, and she found it to be a “highly memorable and life enhancing experience.” In fact, in her review, she states that she recommends Nirunda Clinic Bangkok over all other medical tourism hospitals and clinics.


In October 2016, Parichat reviewed Nirunda Clinic Bangkok saying that she recommends Nirunda Clinic because her experience there was the “best.”


In December 2016, Anne reviewed the acne treatment she received at Nirunda Clinic Bangkok. She keeps it simple, but effective: “it’s so good.”


In February 2017, Barbar reviewed the facelift she got at Nirunda Clinic Bangkok. Barbar states that she did her “research” before she became a medical tourism patient. She corresponded with the staff of Nirunda Clinic Bangkok about what she was looking for, then she scheduled her facelift, and booked her flight to Bangkok. Overall, she is “very very happy” with how her facelift turned out, and she feels like she made a “good” choice by going to Nirunda Clinic Bangkok.


In March 2017, Judie reviewed her experience at Nirunda Clinic Bangkok. Her favorite part of being a medical tourism patient at Nirunda Clinic Bangkok is that she felt no pressure at all. Moreover, she notes that she healed quickly after her procedure and there were no complications from it. Overall, she is “very happy” with the outcome of her procedure, and it has definitely boosted her self-confidence. Finally, she thanks the Nirunda Clinic Bangkok for helping “feel great.”


As you can see, patients are very happy with their experiences of Nirunda Clinic, Bangkok. Review their words, compare prices and find lots of other useful information on the Medical Departures’ website - and don’t forget about our best price guarantee which ensures you’ll always get the best deal available.

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