Recommended IVF centers in Bangkok


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1. Recommended IVF centers in Bangkok


Bangkok is known as the world’s most established medical tourism destinations for international patients when it comes to fertility treatments. They have medical facilities that are world-class and medical treatments that are accessible for both local and international patients. So, if you want quality fertility treatments, here are some premium clinics in Bangkok that have been verified by Medical Departures:

2. Understand how they perform an in vitro fertilization treatment?

In vitro fertilization is a type of assisted reproductive technology that combines the egg cell and sperm outside of the body and done inside a controlled laboratory. IVF is not the first option that doctors would suggest you take because there might be other assisted reproductive technology that might work. However, if all else fails, IVF is a viable option.


3. Understand how IVF is performed?

· The first step in an IVF treatment is to stimulate the egg production with the use of fertility medicines that causes super ovulation.

· A simple surgery is done in order to retrieve the eggs. Sperm can also be collected during this time.

· Once the quality eggs have been selected, insemination will then follow through. The eggs and sperm are then placed in an environmentally controlled chamber, while waiting for fertilization to happen.

· Once the fertilized eggs divide, it will now be classified as an embryo and will be monitored for a couple of days to make sure that it is growing properly.

· Lastly, the embryo is then transferred. This stage is crucial as this will determine whether pregnancy will occur or not. If the egg sticks to the lining of the womb, then the procedure is a success.

4. Consider the price of an IVF treatment in Bangkok

Saving 33% on IVF in Bangkok makes this a huge consideration. If you are looking for the most inexpensive in vitro fertilization cost, Bangkok is the right place to go. To give you an oversight on how much you’ll be able to save for an IVF treatment in Bangkok, you can refer to the list below:


$12,000.00 VERSUS $ 8,000.00 Saving US $4,000.00



$17,234.00 VERSUS $11,488.00 Saving NZD $5,746.00



$15,626.00 VERSUS $10,418.00 Saving AUS $5,208.00


5. Use exclusive Medical Departures promotions to increase the savings!

Also, clinics that have been verified by Medical Departures are qualified to provide exclusive Medical Departures promotions to their patients in order to get even bigger savings for their treatment and stay. Make sure to take advantage of them!

Going overseas is never easy; the stress that you put on your body can affect the conditions of getting a higher success rate when the time comes. Rest assured that Medical Departures will only recommend the best In Vitro Fertilization hospitals in Bangkok.

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