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For Effective and Affordable Tummy Tuck, Mexico is the Place to Be

Medical tourism is thriving in Mexico, and millions of Americans are taking advantage of the constantly developing medical infrastructure in this country. Mexico has now been ranked in the top ten countries where most cosmetic surgeries are performed. So if you want to get a nose job or tummy tuck, Mexico is the ideal location, especially if you reside in the US. In the following paragraphs, we discuss a few essential pointers about undergoing cosmetic surgery in this country.

Get Your Doctor’s Advice

It is suggested that you consult your local doctor before embarking on a medical trip to Mexico. S/he will be able to advise on the best course of action as far as cosmetic surgery is concerned. Most importantly, your doctor will be able to send your medical history to your hospital in Mexico.

Find a Reputed Clinic

You can save thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery in Mexico (see next point). However, saving money is only beneficial if your surgeon is able to achieve the desired results from cosmetic surgery. That is why you need to find a reputed clinic in Mexico for plastic surgery. For procedures like r tummy tuck, the top clinics include Marroquin and Sandoval and Juan Gordillo. These are state-of-the-art facilities run under the supervision of highly-qualified and experienced surgeons.


Plastic Surgery Prices in Mexico

On average, Americans can expect to 50% to 75% of surgery costs in Mexico as compared to their country. The average cost of tummy tuck in the US is $10,100, but you can get the same procedure in Mexico for an average cost of $5,000. So for both these procedures, you can save 40% to 50% of your prices as compared to clinics in your city.

Reaching Mexico

Medical tourism is on the rise across the globe and there are several popular destinations for low-cost medical, dental, and cosmetic services in Latin America and Asia. However, Mexico is the closest destination for Americans where they can avail all these services at the lowest prices. So while flights to Mexico are available all year round, you can even drive to your clinic and save extra cash. In fact, there is a dedicated freeway for medical tourists if you are travelling from San Francisco.

Touring Mexico

Medical tourism is all about seeking affordable healthcare in foreign countries and getting a chance to explore those countries. Ask your surgeon about the time your surgery will take plus the healing period. You can then plan out how best to spend the remainder of your time in Mexico. It is a festive country with much to offer in terms of culinary delights and nightlife.

So you can see why if you’re seeking cosmetic procedures like tummy tuck, Mexico clinics are the place to be.

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