Thailand: The Best Place For Bariatric Surgery


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Solve Your Weight Problems

If diet and exercise are simply not achieving the desired results, then Bariatric surgery is a highly effective solution. Many options involve stapling off a section of the stomach so only a small amount of food can be eaten and digested at a time. While this may sound drastic, it is actually extremely safe. You will want to do some extensive research before deciding if the surgery is right for you. Discuss it with doctors, friends, and family. Also, read some Bariatric surgery reviews and have a look at Bariatric surgery before and after photos.

Save Money

Weight loss procedures of this nature are generally not covered by health insurance. This means the costs involved are simply beyond those of the average person. By getting your surgery done in Thailand you will save thousands. Bariatric surgery costs around $18,000 AUD/$19,000NZD when done at home. In Thailand, prices are around $10,000AUD/$10,500NZD. This makes for some great savings even after the prices of your flights and accommodation are factored in.


Receive World-Class Treatment

Thailand is a rapidly developing country with a private healthcare system that rivals that of the West. Many Bariatric surgery clinics and hospitals are designed specifically for the international traveler, meaning no short cuts are taken.

Since being opened in 1987 Phyathai 2 Hospital has maintained an immaculate reputation for decades. it is now one of the top places to get weight loss surgery in Bangkok. The modern facility is comparable to top establishments in Australia, New Zealand, and other developed countries.

The surgeons themselves are all trained to a world-class standard. Many of them have a mixture of the best local and international training, as well as belonging to esteemed international medical associations. Expect to only be in the best hands the entire time.

Enjoy The Safety And Excitement Of Bangkok

Bangkok is a dynamic, cosmopolitan city with the worlds greatest shopping and dining. You will be able to have an excellent experience during your time there.

Why the traffic may be crazy, the city is also very safe. Crime against foreigners is very rare. Valuables can get stolen if they are left unattended but generally, by using common sense, you will be able to stay safe the entire time.

Return Home With Your Weight Management Sorted

Now you know the perfect place to pay a low Bariatric surgery cost. Thailand! Once the surgery is completed, you will be able to return home, hopefully feeling like a new person. The results of the surgery may take a bit of time getting used to, but eventually, you will realize how much better your life is, as well as how much more amazing you look and feel on a daily basis. Got any questions about bariatric surgery in Thailand? Speake to our Customer Care Team, who are always happy to help.

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