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If you are looking for breast augmentation, then the Bangkok breast implant package is a great option for you. You can go to an exotic foreign location which is a reputed holiday spot, and also have reasonably priced breast surgery in Bangkok. When you get this surgery, you get bigger breasts and you can also choose the kind of shape you want. It can also address breast asymmetry problems too.


Why should you opt for Bangkok breast surgery?

Getting cosmetic surgery in Bangkok for residents of Australia and New Zealand (and indeed many other western countries as well) makes eminent sense as the medical facilities in this part of the world are excellent. The doctors are highly trained and qualified and many have done their advanced training in western countries and/or are affiliated to reputed international plastic surgery boards or associations. It is also served by many international airlines and has a busy international airport.


The surgery is priced much lower than similar surgery in your home town. So you enjoy a triple benefit: a holiday in a foreign locale, low priced cosmetic surgery and experienced doctors. A Medical Tourism Survey says that many people prefer to travel for medical tourism thanks to the cost savings, which is important since cosmetic surgery is not covered by any form of insurance.


The quality of hospitals in Bangkok

You may well think that Thailand is not exactly a highly developed country. While you may be right about some aspects, it is also a country that attracts large numbers of holiday-makers and to cater to this demand the country has good quality hotels and resorts in high traffic tourist destinations like Bangkok. With the growing trend of medical tourism Bangkok also has a number of high quality hospitals that offer luxurious amenities at affordable rates. Yanhee Hospital was established in 1984 and is JCI accredited as well.


In Yanhee Hospital breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure that women who want to enhance their appearance may opt for. Implant surgery enables you to flaunt your figure in sexy outfits including swimsuits and beach wear. This surgery can be over in a day or you may opt to stay overnight at the facility.


Cost of Bangkok breast implant package

The cost of this surgery in Bangkok compares very favorably with the cost in other countries. You can expect to pay an average of AU$15,300 (NZD16,620, £8,897, €10,556, US$11,500, CAD15,777) in western countries. In Bangkok, you will pay an average of around AU$6,650 (NZD7,225, £3,868, €4,590 US$5,000, CAD6,860) for the same procedure.


Typically you should get a package cost that includes all aspects of the surgery like diagnostic tests, cost of implants, anesthesia and operation theater charges, doctor’s fees, medicines and other costs involved in the surgery including follow up charges. If you need to stay overnight then the room charges should also be included.


Once you have healed, your self confidence will improve, you will be able to find the inner and outerwear that will showcase your new figure.


Find out about Bangkok breast implant packages with Medical Departures and get in touch with our Customer Care Team. We offer quality-checked clinics with the guaranteed best prices.

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