Clinics in Cancun Offering Chemical Peels


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If you are thinking about getting a chemical peel, review Cancun , Mexico. This tropical paradise also happens to be a popular medical tourist destination. There are many excellent clinics and beauty centers in Cancun where you can get a chemical peel for much less. A lot of people from across the US and Canada travel to Mexico to save money on medical treatments. Most of these are cosmetic treatments that are not covered by insurance. Where in Cancun can you get the chemical peel? Let us look at a couple of highly regarded clinics in Cancun and their chemical peel prices.


Oneline Beauty Clinic

This private beauty center is among the best in Cancun, Mexico, offering first-rate facial, body and spa treatments. The clinic’s team leverages modern techniques to deliver the best anti-aging treatments that include chemical peels. You can make the most of this facial rejuvenation therapy at this center. Oneline caters to not just local but international patients as well. People from across North America come to this clinic for affordable and quality chemical peels and get the youthful face they want.

Dr. Gilberto Antonio Sanchez Rico leads Oneline Beauty Clinic. She is a well-respected professional in the field. In addition to holding a Master in Aesthetics from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, she speaks both Spanish and English. She has the vision and leadership skills to run this modern clinic.

Price range for light chemical peel: USD $80 to USD $200 / CAD $108 to $270

Back home you can get it for USD $732 / CAD $988.


Sculpting Medicina Estetica

This clinic specializes in providing non-invasive and affordable aesthetic services to international clients. Chemical peels are among the first-rate facial treatments on offer at this clinic to turn back the clock on your face and recapture your youth. The clinic is at the forefront of the industry where people are willing to travel to another country for affordable anti-aging treatments.

Sculpting Medicina Estetica is a perfect example of how modern technology has made it not only simple, but also highly affordable, for people to appear younger. The team at this amazing clinic is led by Dr. Gustavo Corral Arana, who received his Masters degree from the Mexican Institute of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-aging. The team utilizes cutting edge technology and best practices to deliver the most effective facial treatments such as chemical peels.

Price range for light chemical peel: USD $64 to USD $99 / CAD $86 to $144

Back home you can get it for USD $732 / CAD $988.

If you need a chemical peel review Cancun’s top 2 clinics mentioned above. You can review more information about these places on our site. E.g., patient reviews, prices, and chemical peel before and after pictures. Cancun brings you the best of both cost and quality and we help you find the right clinic with ease. Feel free to contact these clinics for fees of the different levels of chemical peels.