Top Tips On Getting A Gastric Bypass In Thailand


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Is your weight problem becoming unmanageable?. Diet, exercise, and medication not working? The solution for you may be surgery, however, the problem for you will be the high gastric bypass cost. Thailand offers the solution in the form of affordable surgery at world-class medical establishments.

1. Consider If The Surgery Is Right For You

This surgery can be quite a drastic solution to weight problems, however, it is very safe and effective. Just make sure you fully do your research to decide if it is really the right choice for you. If you know anyone who has had the surgery then chat to them about what it was really like and how they felt afterward. You can also read some gastric bypass reviews that have been written by people who have really had the surgery done.

2. Decide On A Hospital Or Clinic

The big decision is choosing a gastric bypass clinic. Thailand has many different options available which can be a bit mind boggling. To make things simpler let us make a recommendation for a world-class location to have the surgery done: Phyathai 2 Hospital. This is an international hospital with one of the best reputations in the country. You will find it to be centrally located in Bangkok. We may be biased but we believe that this hospital offers the best gastric bypass surgery in Thailand.


3. Pay Extremely Affordable Prices

The major reason to have the surgery done in Thailand is that of the prices. Gastric bypass surgery is generally not covered by health insurance and can be extremely expensive to obtain in many countries. In contrast, Thailand offers very affordable gastric bypass costs. Have a look at the tables below to see the savings for your country. Just remember all figures are approximate.


Price in Australia (AUD)

Price in Thailand (AUD)

Amount Saved (AUD)

Gastric Bypass Surgery





Price in New Zealand (NZD)

Price in Thailand (NZD)

Amount Saved (NZD)

Gastric Bypass Surgery





Price in the UK (GBP)

Price in Thailand (GBP)

Amount Saved (GBP)

Gastric Bypass Surgery





Price in the US (USD)

Price in Thailand (USD)

Amount Saved (USD)

Gastric Bypass Surgery




4. Make The Most Of Thailand While You're There

While you're in Thailand you really need to make the most of it. If you do end up visiting Phyathai 2 Hospital you will likely be spending some time in Bangkok. This is an extremely dynamic and exciting city. The traffic may seem bit chaotic but overall the city is very safe and packed with the best dining, nightlife, and shopping in the world.

Now you have all the information and are ready to take advantage of a great gastric bypass cost. Thailand strikes the perfect blend of affordability and quality, so don't worry you won't be disappointed. Just remember to think carefully if the surgery is right for you. If you do decide to get it we wish you all the best.

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