What is the Cost of Medical Check-up in Thailand?


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In Thailand, Medical Check-up Costs are Lower Than Your Home Country

For some people, the idea of travelling to Asia for a medical check-up might seem a little absurd. However, thousands of people are doing so every year. We are not suggesting that you fly all the way to Thailand just for a blood test. However, if you are touring Thailand, medical check-up costs are much lower than you can imagine. Hence, you should combine your annual foreign trip with your annual medical check-up and save some money in the process.

Medical Check-Up Prices in Thailand

Healthcare in general is more affordable in Thailand compared to countries like Australia and New Zealand. So, with or without insurance, you can easily pay for your medical services and treatments out-of-pocket without draining your budget. There are several factors that influence the prices of medical services in a country like Thailand.

To begin with, the operating cost of a clinic is usually lower in Thailand compared to western countries. This ultimately reflects on the price of medical services as well. The costs of training are not as high in Thailand as they are in Europe and America, which is why doctors here do not charge as much as their western counterparts.


Then there is the competition factor as well. Private hospitals depend on foreign patients for a large share of their revenue, which is why keeping prices low is imperative to attracting more and more medical tourists.

All these factors contribute to making Thai healthcare affordable. Whether or not you can use your insurance in Thailand depends on your insurer as well as the hospital you go to.

Use Medical Check-Up Review Websites to Find the Best Hospital

While medical tourism in Thailand will provide great benefits, the key is finding a good, reputable and reliable hospital for your check-up. This is where reviews will help you immensely. Use online reviews to find a hospital that match your travel plans. You can also ask for referrals from previous patients who will base their recommendations on personal experience.

To make your research easier, we list down 6 of the best hospitals for medical check-ups in Thailand along with their packages:


All these hospitals are safe and reliable. Some of them are even accredited internationally, which goes to show how developed the Thai medical industry really is. This is a major reason why Asia continues to lead the way in the medical tourism industry.

So when you are in Thailand, medical check-up costs are so low that you can enjoy your vacation and keep track of your health at the same time. Where else will you get this double benefit? So, look for a good hospital in Thailand for your medical check-up and make it part of your holiday itinerary.

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