Medical Check-Up Package

The Ultimate Guide to Medical Check-Up Package

Medical Check-Up Packages offered by our clinics can provide you with valuable information about how your body’s systems are functioning – giving you the opportunity to not only explore your health, but also your lifestyle.

During a health check-up the screening process covers a variety of different tests, such as blood tests and scans, as well as a thorough examination and consultation with a doctor. When it’s all finished you receive a full record of your results, advice on what they mean, and recommendations from your doctor on how to maintain or improve results for the future.

Health screening also has other benefits in that the tests may show up early warning signs of ill health, even though you may not have any symptoms and could be totally unaware of any problem. Early detection of disease can usually be treated more successfully than delaying treatment, and is likely to have much less of an impact on your life.

Health Screening Basics

Health Screening packages vary in what tests are included, and you will need to check if each package gives you what you require. If there is something particularly important to you then you should discuss it with the doctor, or Medical Departures’ Customer Care Team, beforehand.

Basic health check-ups usually consist of a physical examination, and measurements such as height, weight and body mass index (BMI). You may also be given vision or hearing tests.

Many bodily functions can be assessed through blood tests, and these include:

• A full blood count (FBC)
• Lipid profiles (cholesterol)
• Kidney function
• Liver function
• Thyroid function
• Tumour markers
• Vitamin levels

You may also have a stool and urine analysis.

Other tests which may be included in a more thorough health evaluation (although some may be included in a basic health check-up) may include:

Scans and x-rays, including Electrocardiograph (ECG) to monitor the heart, bone density scans to measure bone strength, ultrasound and chest x-rays.

Preventive Medicine

You’ve heard the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ and this is exactly why a Medical Check-up may be something you’d want to consider. Healthcare of the future is very much geared toward preventing disease - through education and allowing people to take responsibility for their own lives – and Screening programs play a big part in this.

Peace of Mind

A Medical Check-Up can help put your mind at ease about your body’s health and assist you in making decisions for the future in terms of modifying your lifestyle to achieve and maintain optimal health for now, and into the future. 

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