What You Should Know About Anti-Aging Treatments in Thailand


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There are a few things you can do to manage the effects of aging. For that, you’ll need to learn more about anti-aging treatment in Thailand. Why Thailand? You’ll learn about that too.

Anti-Aging Treatments in Thailand

First off, you should know what kind of anti-aging treatments you can get the next time you’re in Thailand. The more popular ones include:

Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is an effective way to restore sun-damaged and wrinkled skin. You can choose different depths for the peel depending on your needs which you can discuss with your clinic. The peel gets rid of the top layer of the affected skin, revealing the younger skin underneath. On average, the price of a chemical in Thailand is AUD $1500 (NZD $1,635) while it will cost you AUD $3,000 in Australia or NZD $3,270 in New Zealand.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can be used to smoothen facial wrinkles and lines and in some cases also improve the look of scars. On average, the price of one injection of filler in Thailand is AUD $500 (NZD $545) while it will cost you AUD $800 in Australia or NZD $870 in New Zealand.



Botox is a very popular anti-aging treatment, one of the least expensive ones to combat wrinkles. It’s can be quickly administered and has virtually zero downtime. The price of Botox per unit in Thailand is AUD $12.5 (NZD $13.6), compared to AUD $20 (NZD $55) Down Under.

Choose Only the Best Clinics

The next time you’re in Thailand, consider getting the above treatments during your time there. Of course, you want to select only the best clinic. Thanks to Medical Departures, this isn’t a problem. Here are the top 3 top clinics in Thailand you should consider:

Nirunda International Aesthetic Centre

This clinic was founded in 2007 by a band of new generation doctors. These doctors were educated overseas and their thinking was geared towards an international clientele. To top it off, they offer a family-like service, so you can trust them to make you feel comfortable even for the short time you’re there.

Avarah Innovation Clinic

This clinic is a well-known beauty center in Bangkok, offering the best anti-aging treatments you can find in Thailand. Surrounded by restaurants, hotels and shopping malls, Avarah is also close to a train station. So it’s the perfect spot to drop by during your visit to Thailand.

Vertex Clinic

Located in Phaya Thai, Vertex has been operating since 2010 as a one-stop shop offering skin and laser rejuvenation among other services. The clinic is manned by a world-class team of professionals who are dedicated to helping medical tourists such as yourself.

So it’s pretty clear now. If you need anti-aging treatment, review Thailand and its amazing clinics offering low-cost, high-quality treatments. With the information you can find on Medical Departures, you can easily find the best anti-aging treatment in Thailand.

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