What's the Success Rate for Bangkok IVF?


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Medical Departures has long being working with patients from around the world to provide excellent, result-driven and affordable medical and surgical treatment options to patients. And when it comes to IVF (IN Vitro Fertilization), our mission, aim and goals are no different. In Bangkok, IVF success rate is attributable to a variety of factors, including choice of physician and their expertise, as well as how patients response to treatments.

Give yourself the best start and choose a clinic you can rely on for your fertility treatment in Bangkok.

What are the Most Common Causes of IVF Failure?


There are many reasons why an IVF procedure might fail, and these can be classified as modifiable vs non-modifiable factors. Whilst non-modifiable factors refer to those we have no physical control over, modifiable factors can be affected and reinforced to increase the IVF success rate.

Non-modifiable factors include egg or sperm abnormalities, selection methods of the embryo, embryo quality or simply, chance. Modifiable factors include factors related to the IVF Laboratory and factors related to the technique used for egg retrieval and embryo transfer.


For a successful IVF, lab temperature and ambiance need to be tightly controlled and regulated, so as to avoid damage to the egg, sperm or embryo.


At the Vejthani Hospital (which is one of Bangkok’s premier hospital in IVF and fertility treatments), IVF laboratories are equipped with high-end technology which allow an adequate control of the laboratory’s environment such as oxygen levels, carbon dioxide concentration, humidity, temperature and pH, just to name a few.


The technique used for egg retrieval and embryo transfer is critical to the success of the IVF treatment cycle. For instance, if the fertility doctor fails to retrieve enough eggs for the cycle, or does not retrieve any eggs at all, there might not be enough eggs for potential fertilization, and such an event would decrease the chance of the intended mother getting pregnant. At the Takara IVF Bangkok, IVF procedures are done with experienced fertility doctors, thus ensuring that the chances of success are maximised for the intended parents.

What is the Success Rate for IVF in Bangkok?


Because Medical Departures only works with expert clinic and hospitals, staffed by rigorously trained and experienced IVF doctors and equipped with high-end technology, our Bangkok IVF success rates are tremendously high. All Medical Departures patients had a great, positive and rewarding experience at our hospitals in Bangkok, and would certainly recommend similar treatments to someone else.

Patient satisfaction is at the core of our ethics, and we always rejoice whenever our patients report a successful pregnancy after having undergone an IVF cycle in Bangkok with Medical Departures. To hear more from all our IVF patients and their stories, we invite you to consult the Bangkok IVF reviews on our website.

With Medical Departures, in Bangkok, IVF success rate is dependent on the clinic choice, the fertility doctor choice as well as his expertise. To ensure that we give you your best chance, we provide to you a database of more than 800 doctors and more than 200 clinics, to help you in selecting the physician and clinic that are the best match for you.

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