Where Can I Get Lip Enhancement Surgery in Indonesia?


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If you need lip enhancement surgery, Indonesia is an excellent place to get it. Here you can get the procedure by spending only a fraction of what you would have to pay Down Under. Plus, you can combine the procedure with a little vacation. But where in Indonesia can you get the lip enhancement done? Let’s take a closer look at one of the top clinics in Indonesia for this treatment.

Rejuvie Aesthetic Anti-Aging

Located on the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali, the Rejuvie Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Clinic offers a range of first-rate anti-aging and cosmetic procedures. The clinic has expansive experience in providing these procedures that enhance the look of their patients, enabling them to feel more confident and better about themselves.

The clinic complements its decades’ worth of experience with warmth and hospitality. They realize the importance of doing so because a lot of their patients are medical tourists. So unlike at your local clinic in Australia or New Zealand, in Indonesia you will get an overly welcoming and warm experience.

Rejuvie is an excellent place for you to get those lips you’ve always dreamed of. It’s a sophisticated procedure, requiring high level of precision. So you should only entrust your lip enhancement surgery to Indonesia’s finest clinic. The doctors and staff here also speak English so you need not worry about any language issues. The Rejuvie team will offer you a thorough consultation, based on which they will plan the ideal lip enhancement procedure for you.

Lip Enhancement Cost – Indonesia

Indonesia offers an amazing opportunity to save money on this procedure. Just look at the cost comparison:

Cost of lip enhancement in Australia: AUD $3,800

Cost of lip enhancement in New Zealand: NZD $4,255

Cost of lip enhancement in Indonesia: AUD $342 / NZD $383

That’s a whopping 90% discount, which translates into AUD $3,400 / NZD $3,800. This is a pretty sweet deal – something to really smile about with your new full lips!

Rest assured that the lower prices aren’t an indication of lower quality. You get to enjoy such wonderful prices because it costs much less to operate a clinic in Indonesia than it does Down Under.

Rest and Recuperate in Beautiful Bali

While recovery from lip augmentation takes only a day, you might feel some minor after effects for a week or so. Whether that is the case with you or not, you can spend some time in this beautiful Indonesian island and relax after the procedure. It will be nice to put an ocean between you and your daily life and schedule. Once you’re fully ready to show off your new lips, you can head back home well rested and rejuvenated.

So feel free to contact the Rejuvie Aesthetic clinic and plan the best lip enhancement surgery Indonesia has to offer you. You can take your partner or a friend along with you for moral support and to enjoy a little getaway in Indonesia.


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