Why Not Visit Amazing Cancun for a Liposuction Treatment


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Save an impressive 60% off liposuction Cancun procedures with Medical Departures. Having liposuction abroad is one of the safest procedures to eradicate unwanted pockets of fat from the hips, thighs, buttocks, calves, ankles, back, arms, neck and breasts.

Choose and book a fully-approved, quality-checked surgeon while sculpting your body the way you want for a fraction of the price at home.


Relax and recover in one of Mexico’s most popular tourist destinations and benefit from top-notch, inexpensive cosmetic care.


Why Is Cancun So Appealing for Liposuction?


Accessibility is key for many American and Canadian patients as Cancun is only a few hours away by air, offering an abundance of inexpensive flights. Thousands of patients visit this popular destination every year, discovering inexpensive, high-quality body contouring procedures as a way to save money while relaxing or recovering in a popular Mexican resort town.


Many Mexican hospitals now have Joint Commission International (JCI accreditation) and feature state-of-the-art equipment, excellent operating theatres and English-speaking staff—for a first-rate experience. One of Mexico’s eight JCI accredited hospitals, Galenia, is located in Cancun, with full emergency and ICU services should you suffer any complications at your local clinic.

Clinics in Cancun—Overview


Our best clinics have well-established track records, with excellent reputations for delivering top-notch quality surgical care. Medical Departures fully vets every clinic, ensuring stringent hygiene and the highest medical standards.


Doctors’ qualifications and credentials are all pre-vetted. Check out our listings, virtual clinic tours and trusted reviews before you book. Notable clinics include Sergio Verboonen , Dr. Victor Burgos and Oneline Beauty Clinic .


What Is the Price of Liposuction Compared to Home?


Save up to 60% on liposuction cost Cancun in contrast to what you would pay in the US or Canada:

  • Liposuction treatment in the US: $6,000

  • Liposuction treatment in Cancun: $2,500


Why Opt for Cosmetic Surgery in Cancun?


Located on the northernmost tip of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, Cancun is the ideal destination for medical travelers. Clinics provide high-quality, affordable cosmetic procedures, while Cancun appeals to holidaymakers from around the globe. Patients benefit from identical medical care which they would enjoy in North America and Canada, with top surgeons and state-of-the-art medical facilities.


Experience warm, powdery-white beaches, crystal clear waters and a myriad of flora and fauna. Head to Cancun’s Eco parks such as Xplor Park or Rio Secreto, visit ancient Mayan ruins in Chichen Itza or take a Yucatan jungle day tour.


Cancun is home to numerous UNESCO world heritage sites , while those seeking retail therapy can take advantage of Cancun’s shopping malls and flea markets.


Staying in Cancun


Patients can find a range of budget-friendly hotels in Cancun from less than $30, or choose from an array of luxury five-star resorts (which remain a bargain by US or Canadian standards).


Relax and recover in the plethora of beachfront hotels where some 150 choices in lodging can be found in Cancun’s Hotel Zone, providing a broad choice of familiar venues.


You will also find a host of lodging options specifically geared for medical tourists. Please contact us—we would be delighted to assist with your travel arrangements.


What’s Next?


Let Medical Departures take care of your lipo treatment in Cancun. See below for easy ways to get in touch or contact our dedicated Customer Care Team, who will book you at one of our

quality-checked clinics


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