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About Luis Carlos Posada

Luis Carlos Posada is based in Cundinamarca in Colombia and is a fully qualified cosmetic surgeon who delivers a comprehensive range of procedures to transform the appearance of the face and body.

Luis Carlos Posada is situated in Cundinamarca in Colombia and offers expert cosmetic surgeries for the face and body at prices that are affordable to all.

Dr. Luis Carlos Posada is a renowned plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon who has amassed years of experience within the profession. He is a full member of the Colombian Society of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, and utilises the latest medical technologies and techniques to deliver outstanding results.

Assisted by his team of highly qualified medical experts, Dr. Posada is dedicated to providing the best care possible to all of his patients. He provides expert treatments across a range of procedures that include:

For the Face:

Blepharoplasty –surgical reconstruction or repair of the eyelids
Rhinoplasty - plastic surgery performed on the nose
Rhytidectomy - a surgical facelift that improves the visible signs of aging in
the neck and face and neck, such as sagging or deep creases around the corner of the mouth and eyelids
Otoplasty - a surgical procedure designed to reposition the ears into a
more natural looking position, usually closer to the head
Mentoplasty - plastic surgery for the chin

For the Body:

Liposuction - a cosmetic procedure used to remove unwanted body fat
Liposculpture - an advanced liposuction technique used to sculpt the body to
produce the desired body contour
Mastopexy - procedure for raising sagging breasts by altering the size,
contour and elevation
Abdominoplasty - commonly known as a tummy tuck, this surgical operation
removes excess flesh from the abdomen

To book an appointment with Luis Carlos Posada, or to discover more about the services he has to offer, contact the Medical Departures Customer Care Team now.

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Prices and Procedures

Mommy Makeover
USD 8,000 - USD 10,000
10 - 15 days
USD 2,500 - USD 3,000 USD 6,500
7 days

5.002 reviews

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