Arm Lift in Tijuana

The Ultimate Guide to Arm Lift in Tijuana

Find out about toning up ‘bat wings’ with an arm lift in Tijuana. Sometimes, despite exercise, those stubborn flaps of skin refuse to firm up, but help is at hand with our quality-checked surgeons Tijuana.

Tijuana offers great facilities, and is a mere stone’s throw away from the US-Mexico border, making it the ideal location for many North Americans in search of a quick nip-and-tuck.

Why should I consider arm lifts in Tijuana?

For North Americans, particularly those in the southern states, visiting Tijuana for leisure, or shopping is not unusual. Thousands cross the border every year to take advantage of the hospitality and cheaper medical and pharmaceutical supplies. It stands to reason that medical and dental tourism is an extension of this philosophy, whereby North Americans can find less expensive alternatives to medical problems (particularly cosmetic surgery) that they can ill afford to pay at home.

Before hot-footing it to the nearest clinic, there are a number of aspects to booking surgery abroad that any traveler must consider before taking the plunge. Cost ay be the main reason that most medical tourists look into traveling abroad, but the most important reason for doing so is the quality. Surgery is a scary enough prospect for anyone at anytime, let alone if there are concerns about whether a particular institution or the medical staff are cut-out to do the job properly.

In the main, establishments and physicians in Tijuana who treat international patients are usually excellent. They are used to international patients and their facilities and demeanor reflect this. They know patients from over the Border are used to certain standards and are more than willing to demonstrate their standards are just as high. If they weren’t, international patients just wouldn’t come.

For our part, Medical Departures knows that Mexico is a vast country, and standards can and do vary. For the uninitiated, finding out reliable information is fraught with difficulties, which is where our website presents need-to-know information for patients in a straightforward manner.

Our background checks include onsite visits, doctor qualifications, professional registrations and international memberships and the collation of patient testimonials, which are available freely on our website. Our virtual video tours, high definition clinic photos and lots of other information give patients a one-stop shop to access materials to help them make their own decision as to quality.

What is the procedure for an arm lift, and how long does it take?

Arm lifts typically take between 1 and 2 hours. If is very often combined with liposuction to remove the excess fat, and if your skin still has good elasticity you may just be able to have liposuction on its own to improve the look of your arms.

There are a number of ways to do the surgery, depending on the extent of the loose skin and fat that needs removing, which your surgeon will discuss with you beforehand. The scarring will range from the limited incision method, which is made under the armpit, to the extended arm lift where incisions are made into the chest wall.

What is the recovery time for an arm lift?

Arm lifts have a minimal recovery time – especially in comparison to other cosmetic surgery. After the operation your arms will feel stiff and tender for a few days, but many people return to work after 3 days. Gently stretching exercises will help your recovery, but sports or vigorous exercise should be avoided for 6 weeks.

What is the cost of an arm lift in Tijuana in comparison to the US or Canada?

Arm lifts in Tijuana cost, on average $3,000 (CAD $3,900, £2,000 GBP, €2,700, AUD $4,000) compared to an average of $6,000 (CAD $7,800, £3,800 GBP, €5,500, AUD $8,000) in the United States

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