Arm Lift in Cancun

The Ultimate Guide to Arm Lift in Cancun

Looking at affordable plastic surgery options for flabby arms? Savvy medical travelers are getting arm lifts in Cancun, Mexico’s premier holiday destination, which offers great healthcare facilities in this renowned resort.

As we age our skin begins to lose elasticity and those upper arms are a particular problem area, especially for women. Once the skin has become loose it is virtually impossible to get it to tighten up, no matter how much toning exercises you do.

An Arm lift will sort this out so you can wear those sleeveless tops again without embarrassment and fit into tight sleeves without busting a seam.

Why should I get Arm Lifts in Cancun?

It’s only been a couple of decades but Cancun has become a stylish holiday destination from its humble beginnings as a fisherman’s village. The expansive white, sandy beaches and surrounding azure waters are the perfect setting for a beach holiday, with world-class hotels and other amenities adding to the growing list of attractions on offer here.

Unsurprisingly, where regular tourists go, medical tourists follow and, once again, Cancun has risen to the challenge and provided excellent healthcare, medical and spa facilities to encompass every facet of medical travel.

Clinics adhere to international protocols on hygiene and safety, many signed up with the International Standards Organization; doctors and surgeons are very well trained – and many of them opt to do specialist training in the United States and are Board registered there as well as in Mexico and with international professional organizations like ISAPS.

It must be said that in Mexico, medical professionals who treat international patients do everything they can to reassure their patients that their services are a match for any in the world.

That is not to say you should book an appointment without having some background information. Medical Departures does just this. We do onsite visits, check criminal and legal records, confirm qualifications, list professional memberships and get opinions from those who have used the services – past patients – so you can get a good inkling of whether your chosen surgeon’s credentials are right for you.

How long does arm lift take and what’s involved in the arm lift procedure?

The surgery is fairly short – up to two hours – but there are a number of different techniques that may be employed by your surgeon, depending on a number of factors.

Standard Armlift: An incision is made from elbow to underarm.

Limited Incision Armlift: An small incision is made under the armpit.

Extended Armlift: Where the Standard Armlift incison is extended into the chest wall.

What is the recovery time for an arm lift in Cancun?

Your arms will feel stiff and uncomfortable immediately after surgery, but the downtime is relatively short. Some people are getting on with their everyday activities after only a few days.

Immediately after the surgery your arms will, of course, feel tender and stiff, but the recovery time is generally quick when compared to other cosmetic surgery. In fact, some people are back at work within a few days! 

You will need to be careful when moving your arms – while gentle stretching is encouraged to get movement back and to minimize swelling, overstretching may have a negative effect. Take things gradually and gently and full movement should be returned in around a month. Vigorous activities, including sports such as tennis, should be avoided for 6 weeks.

What is the cost comparison for Arm Lifts in Cancun compared to the United States and Canada?

Arm lifts in Cancun cost, on average US $3,500 (CAN $5,000; UK £2,400; EURO €3,000; $4,700) compared to US $11,000 (CAN $5,000; UK £7,500; EURO €9,700; AUS $14,600)

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