Arm Lift in Cancun

The Ultimate Guide to Arm Lift in Cancun

Last fact-checked: 31 October 2020

Looking for an affordable way to tackle loose skin and excess fat around the upper arms? Savvy medical travelers are having arm lifts in Cancun, Mexico’s most-visited vacation destination, which offers exceptional healthcare facilities and competitive prices.

Find out how brachioplasty surgery can help you and book your treatment at a fully verified Cancun clinic

Why Would I Consider an Arm Lift?

As we age, our skin begins to lose its elasticity—and those upper arms are one of the first areas (that are exposed to the world) to sag. This is especially problematic for women, who tend to be genetically predisposed to accumulate more fat around the arms.

Once this skin has become loose, it is virtually impossible to get it to tighten up, no matter how much toning exercises you do.

An arm lift will help rectify this, so you can wear those sleeveless tops again without embarrassment and fit into tight sleeves without busting a seam.

Why Should I Consider Getting an Arm Lift in Cancun?

From its humble beginnings as a fisherman’s village, Cancun has developed into a world-renowned, stylish vacation destination over the last couple of decades. The expansive white, sandy beaches and surrounding azure waters are the perfect settings for a beach getaway, with four and five-star hotels and other amenities adding to the growing list of attractions on offer here.

Unsurprisingly, where regular tourists go, medical tourists follow; Cancun has risen to the challenge and provided excellent healthcare, medical and spa facilities to encompass every facet of medical travel.

Clinics adhere to international protocols on hygiene and safety, many signed up with the International Standards Organization; doctors and surgeons are very well trained–many of them opt to do specialist training in the United States and are board registered there as well as in Mexico and with international professional organizations like ISAPS.

Finding a Trustworthy Surgeon in Cancun with Medical Departures

While it is a fact that no medical procedure can ever be guaranteed, no matter where you are in the world, you can mitigate potential risks by booking in with an experienced surgeon who practices in a modern facility in Cancun. 

This process is made easier for you with Medical Departures. We make it our business to work with the best, carrying out our own pre-screening checks before we partner with any medical facility. Our checks include: 

  • Searching criminal/legal records
  • Collating and publishing real patient reviews
  • Verifying doctor and surgeon qualifications
  • Confirming professional memberships
  • Conducting onsite visits, ensuring that international standards on safety and hygiene are met.

When booking with Medical Departures, you are also assured of the best prices online, as well as 24/7 customer service and assistance with other aspects of your medical trip such as insurance, hotel bookings, and finance. 

How Long Does an Arm Lift Take and What Does the Procedure Involve?

Arm lift surgery is fairly quick–up to two hours–depending upon the techniques that may be employed by your surgeon:

  • The standard arm lift: Incisions are made from the elbow to underarm
  • The limited Incision arm lift: Small incisions are made under the armpit
  • The extended arm lift: Where the incisions used as part of a standard arm lift are extended to the chest wall

The procedure can also include liposuction to remove fat cells. Learn more about the different techniques used in arm lift surgery here.

What Is the Recovery Time for an Arm Lift in Cancun?

Your arms will feel stiff and uncomfortable immediately after surgery, but the downtime is relatively swift. Some people are able to get on with their everyday activities after only a few days.

Immediately after the surgery, your arms will, of course, feel tender and stiff, but the recovery time is generally quick when compared to other cosmetic surgery. In fact, some people are back at work within a few days! 

You will need to be careful when moving your arms–while gentle stretching is encouraged to get movement back and to minimize swelling, overstretching may have a negative effect. Take things gradually and gently and full movement should be returned in around a month. Vigorous activities, including sports such as tennis, should be avoided for six weeks.

How Much Can I Save on My Arm Lift in Cancun Compared to the United States and Canada?

Arm lifts in Cancun cost, on average, USD $3,500 (CAN $5,000; UK £2,400; EURO €3,000; $4,700). This is compared to USD $11,000 (CAN $5,000; UK £7,500; EURO €9,700; AUS $14,600) in the United States. 

Please note that these are estimated figures at the time of writing. To see some of the latest prices on offer, take a look at these top clinics in Cancun that offer arm lift surgery to international patients:

How Do I Book My Procedure?

Take a look at our full list of verified arm lift clinics in Cancun and compare prices.

Ready to book? See below for ways to get in touch or contact our Customer Care Team on the toll-free number provided. They can help with travel arrangements and accommodation, as well as finding a specialist in Cancun at a price that’s right for you.  Or if you are ready to book your appointment, you can do so right here any time of the day or night, at no charge to you.


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