Body Lift in Cancun

The Ultimate Guide to Body Lift in Cancun

Last fact-checked: October 2020

Safely and effectively get rid of excess skin and stubborn fat cells with a body lift in Cancun.

Heading to Mexico for cosmetic surgery like this can save you a small fortune compared to prices back home—plus you'll be able to recuperate in pleasant surroundings by the coast before flying home. 

Why Choose Cancun for a Body Lift?

Cancun is a favorite Mexican destination, not only in terms of everyday tourists and holidaymakers, but also now for medical tourists. This coastal city has an excellent infrastructure that caters to visitors of all types–from first-rate hotels to shopping, dining, nightlife, shows and, of course, beautiful beaches.

Cancun’s facilities in terms of healthcare are generally excellent–particularly with regard to private medical centers that offer services to international patients. From state-of-the-art facilities, equipped with the newest and latest technologies, to the expertise and qualifications of its medical staff, Cancun is the perfect destination for your body lift surgery if you spend a little time doing some research yourself.

So, Why Book with Medical Departures?

Obviously, the low prices on offer is the main reason people initially start looking overseas for cosmetic surgery. This should not be the only criteria and we advocate you do your own checks on the clinics and medical staff you have shortlisted. 

Medical Departures includes all this information and more under each of our listed clinics. Our checks include investigating legal or criminal records, conducting onsite visits and verifying surgeons' backgrounds. We list our findings on our site, with high-definition clinic photos, virtual video tours, maps and much more–offering you a selection of information to enable you to make an informed choice.

What Does a Body Lift Procedure Entail and How Long Does the Surgery Take?

A body lift consists of several different surgical procedures normally carried out in one session. During an initial consultation with your surgeon, your needs and hopes will be discussed at length. Your surgeon will then tailor the procedure to suit you, as you will discover a wide range of body lift options, including upper, lower, mid and any number of variations of what can be included in your procedure. Liposuction may also be used to remove fat cells, if required. 

The type of surgery you elect depends on where the excess skin is located on your body, and your overall cosmetic goals. For instance, the surgery may remove excess skin and fat tissue from:

  • Around the abdominal area possibly extending around the lower back
  • The buttocks
  • The thighs (inner, outer or posterior)

On average, a body lift procedure can take around four or five hours. It is carried out under general anesthetic and usually entails a night or two in the hospital or under medical supervision. 

What Is the Recovery Time?

After surgery, expect to be sore and uncomfortable; even with painkillers, settling in a comfortable position may be awkward as you will be aching all over. Despite this, you should begin moving about as soon as you can. You may not feel like it, but it does help to reduce swelling and reduce the possibility of blood clots.

Other things to note about your recovery from a body lift:

  • After a week, you should start to feel much better—finding it easier to move gently (while not overdoing things or overstretching).
  • It will be six to eight weeks before you can embark on any vigorous exercise
  • A full recovery can take several months
  • Always consult with your surgeon in Cancun as to when you will be able to fly home as this will depend on a number of factors

What Is the Cost of Body Lift Surgery in Cancun Compared to the United States and Canada?

Body Lifts in Mexico cost around $5,000 (GBP £3,500; AUD $7,200; €4,500) compared to an average of $25,000 in the United States (UK £17,600; AUS $36,000, EUR €23,000).

These are estimated figures at the time of writing. To learn more about the latest prices on offer, take a look at these top clinics in Cancun offering body lift surgery to international patients:

How Do I Get Started?

If you have put in the hard work of losing a significant amount of weight and now find yourself with excess skin that won't budge, this procedure may well be for you. 

Take a look through our quality-checked surgeons and clinics before booking your free appointment through our site. The Medical Departures Customer Care Team is on standby 24/7 in case you have any questions about body lifts in Cancun. Or if you are ready to book your appointment, you can do so right here any time of the day or night, at no charge to you.


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(Image by Andrew Hitchcock)