Body Lift in Thailand

The Ultimate Guide to Body Lift in Thailand

Discover luxurious facilities, skillful surgeons and great prices for your body lift in Thailand. The world’s leading medical tourism destination, the Land of Smiles offers incredible locations and a service culture that is second-to-none.

Since opening its doors to international patients in the 1990s, Thailand has attracted visitors from across the world, drawn here by its reputation of excellence and expertise. From the mesmerizing city of Bangkok to the astonishing beaches in Phuket to the tranquility of Chiang Mai, Thailand is an incredible destination, both in terms of medical facilities and locations.

Am I suitable for a body lift in Thailand?

You must be in good health – a body lift is major surgery – and have reasonable expectations as to the outcome. The procedure is actually a combination of procedures to correct sagging, loose skin, which has lost elasticity due to pregnancy, weight loss, sun damage or genetics.

Although a body lift can help improve the appearance of dimpled skin and cellulite, it does not remove fat, and you will have to consider other options, such as liposuction, if this is your goal. A body lift can improve these areas:

- Abdomen (including the sides and lower back)
- Thighs
- Buttocks
- Groin

Why have a body lift in Thailand?

Thailand is the pioneer of modern medical tourism, when after the Asian Financial Crisis in the 1990’s, hospitals, such as the Bumrungrad International in Bangkok began to attract foreign patients with the lure of internationally accredited hospitals and prices that were 50-70% lower than at home. In 2013, a quarter of a million foreign patients were treated at Bumrungrad, and it is estimated by Patients Beyond Borders that Thailand attracted around 1.8 million medical tourists that same year. It is a buoyant market, popular not only because of the high-standards of medical care and the cost, but also because once discharged, patients can recuperate in luxurious 5* hotels at very reasonable prices.

Top-class facilities exist not just in Bangkok, but throughout the country, as there are high-quality international hospitals also located in popular holiday spots, including Chiang Mai and Phuket, which gives patients a choice of locations for their post-surgery recuperation. The recovery time for a body lift takes some weeks, so patients may as well make the most of being surrounded by terrific scenery.

We always stress to anyone that they should spend a little time doing their homework. Major surgery abroad, like a body lift, is not to be taken lightly. Research the procedure – is it for you? Do you have realistic expectations? Are you happy to be so far away from home?

You should also choose your surgeon with care. Thailand, generally, has exceptionally high standards when it comes to its medical care and facilities, but you should ensure you check and double-check as much background information as you can.

At Medical Departures we only use quality-checked doctors, having looked into criminal/legal backgrounds, verified qualifications and professional memberships and collated real patient reviews and/or online testimonials. As well as visiting clinics, our processes provide thorough checks to help us determine the trustworthiness of a particular doctor – and only when we are satisfied are they listed on our website.

What is involved in a body lift in Thailand?

Body lifts actually consist of a number of procedures that are used together to achieve the desired result, which means that no two are necessarily the same. Your surgeon will concentrate more on the areas you have agreed upon beforehand.

The surgery takes around 5 hours, on average. You will be given a general anesthetic and the surgery requires long incisions to remove the large areas of loose skin – which are typically made so they can be hidden with clothes. So, for example, for removing excess skin around the lower abdomen an incision will be made from hip to hip underneath the bikini line. The skin will be pulled tight and excess skin and underlying tissue removed, before being stitched back and allowed to heal.

What is the recovery time for a body lift procedure?

You can expect to feel quite sore and tender for the first few days after surgery, and you are likely to have drainage tubes in your wounds for a couple of weeks, which will be uncomfortable, especially when moving.

Gradually, over the weeks, the stiffness and tenderness will ease, but it will be a month before you can return to work – and you will be expected to take it really easy for 6 – 8 weeks.

What is the cost of body lift surgery in Thailand compared to the Australia and New Zealand?

Highly customizable, prices vary widely, but in Thailand body lift surgery is  likely to start around AUD $12,0000 (US $8,300, CAD $11,000, £5,500 GBP, €7,500) compared to AUD $26,000 (US $18,000, CAD $24,000, £12,000 GBP, €16,000) in Australia.

What now?

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