Breast Augmentation in Bangkok

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Augmentation in Bangkok

Want the low-down on breast augmentation in Bangkok? Book your breast enlargement surgery with Medical Departures – for quality-checked surgeons at the best prices available.

Also known as augmentation mammoplasty, the surgery is most commonly referred to as breast implants, and Bangkok, as Thailand’s capital city, has many great facilities and surgeons to ensure you get the best care possible.

Who is the Breast Augmentation Suitable For?

Many women decide to have breast enlargement for a number of reasons – whether it is to improve their self-confidence or body image, to increase the volume in their breasts, particularly after childbirth or weight reduction, or after reconstructive surgery, such as mastectomy.

It is not suitable if you want to correct drooping breasts where a breast lift may be required as well as breast implants.

Why Choose Bangkok for Breast Augmentation?

Bangkok is the English name for the city, known to Thais at Krung Thep (a shortened version of its very long name), which roughly translates as the ‘City of Angels’. The Thais think of it as a great city – and it is. Its heritage, architecture, shopping and food are just a few of the things it does exceptionally well, but there is so much more to this city that once experienced is never forgotten.

The old Bangkok is still apparent in this modern megatropolis, but make no mistake, this is a contemporary, modern city. Nowhere is this more evident than its healthcare facilities, with a number of its hospitals regularly appearing in lists, such as the World’s Best Medical Tourist Hospitals or The Most Technologically Advanced Hospitals in the World.

It is far from third-world, and even facilities that don’t make the ‘World’s Best’ lists are very often far superior to what some of us are used to at home. If you are thinking of traveling here for breast augmentation, providing you choose sensibly, we’re sure you will be more than happy with the facilities, expertise and customer service in Bangkok.

Booking with Medical Departures will help you find the quality-checked surgeons and establishments to make your trip successful. While it is true that no-one can ever guarantee surgery completely, you can give yourself the best chance of a satisfactory outcome by choosing someone reliable. There isn't one easy way of doing this, so you need to look at a number of things, for example, are they Board certified? Do they have membership of international professional authorities, such as the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery?

This is our approach, and as well as background checks on qualifications and professional affiliations, we pay visits to the clinics/hospitals and run criminal/legal record checks. These, plus clinic photos and real patient reviews we publish on our website, giving you an overall picture to ascertain quality.

How long does the breast augmentation procedure take?

The procedure takes between 1 and 2 hours. The breast size is increased by either:

Liposuction – which can remove fat from another part of the body which can be injected into the breasts (although this option is only recommended if you are looking for a small increase in size, and natural results).

There are a number of different types of implant:

Saline implants are silicone shells filled with sterile saline solution. The amount of solution inserted will affect the shape, firmness and feel of the breast. If the implant leaks the solution will be absorbed by the body and expelled naturally.

Silicone implants are filled with a silicone gel. If these implants leak the gel may escape into the breast pocket, and they require regular MRI or ultrasound scans to keep a check on the condition of the implants.

Alternative implants such as soybean oil have been developed as natural, biocompatible materials which are safer in the event of a leak. The breast implants are placed either under or over the pectoral muscle through inconspicuous incisions in or around the breast, which may be through the outside of the areola (the colored area of the nipple), underneath the breast or under the armpit.

What is the breast implant recovery time?

After the anesthetic has worn off following surgery you will be sore and you will need to have someone pick you up to take you home later in the day. The tenderness will decrease in the following days. Most people return to work within a week and carry on the majority of their normal activities after two. Strenuous exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided for up to six weeks.

What are the costs of breast augmentation in Bangkok compared to Australia and New Zealand?

Breast augmentation in Bangkok is, on average AUD $3,800 compared to AUD $6,500 in Australia.

What now?

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