Breast Enlargement in Tijuana

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Enlargement in Tijuana

Make savings on cosmetic surgery and book your breast enlargements in Tijuana. More people than ever are traveling to Tijuana’s affordable, high-quality clinics and hospitals – and we can help you find the best in the area at the best prices.

Why have breast enlargements in Tijuana?

It’s a convenient location for Americans and Canadians with major international airports situated in San Diego and Tijuana making it easily accessible – and for patients living in the southern United States, it’s only a drive over the border. The recovery time for breast enlargement surgery is fairly minimal, and so you don’t necessarily have to go for a 2 week surgery vacation, which is why Tijuana is so popular with many Americans and Canadians who may be pushed for time.

Major metropolitan areas, such as Tijuana, boast contemporary hospitals and clinics, equipped with the latest technology, and deliver good quality care that is on a par with facilities in the United States. Staffed with medical personnel who are well-qualified (many who have trained in the United States) and possessing the requisite skills and expertise in specialist areas of surgery, international patients can expect to receive the same good quality care that they would expect at home.

Medical tourism is on the rise in Mexico, and the additional revenue that this brings in to private healthcare facilities is reinvested to ensure the facilities remain at the top of their game, which, in turn, encourages international patients to keep on coming.

Furthermore, it is the prices that inspire international patients to come to Tijuana – for breast enlargements savings of around 50% are not unusual.

At Medical Departures we have used the successful formula of our sister site, Dental Departures, to bring patients together with overseas providers to offer them reliable information for choosing high-quality surgeons and facilities. Our background checks establish reputable medical personnel and clinics so patients can book with confidence and look forward to favorable outcomes.

What happens during the breast enlargement procedure?

Breasts can be made bigger either by using implants, or by a method called autologous fat transfer – where the fat is removed from one part of your body, cleansed and processed, and reinjected into the breasts. This method is only suitable if you want a small increase in size, and is usually performed if you are having liposuction to another part of your body.

The majority of patients opt for implants, which can made from silicone, saline or other biocompatible materials, such as soybean oil.

The breast implant procedure doesn’t usually require an overnight stay in hospital, and typically takes between one and two hours to complete.

Before surgery, your surgeon will already have talked over with you the type of implants you want. The procedure begins with an anesthetic and once you are asleep the surgeon makes small incisions in the breast.

There are some different methods for inserting implants depending on what is suitable for your particular case, and your surgeon’s preference. The incisions may be made under the armpit, around the colored part of the nipple, or underneath the breast and the implants may be placed below or above the pectoral muscle.

Once the implants are in place, the incisions are stitched and compression garments or bandages put on to help the healing process. Some surgeons place drains to remove fluid from the wounds.

How long is the recovery time after breast enlargement?

Naturally, immediately after your breast implant surgery you will feel uncomfortable, and there will be some swelling and bruising. However, the recovery time is quick and many people are back at work within a week. Over the next 6 weeks you will need to take things easy with no heavy lifting or vigorous exercise until after the 6 weeks has passed.

What is the cost of breast enlargements in Tijuana, in comparison to the US or Canada?

The average cost of breast implants in Tijuana is around $4,0000, compared to around $8,000 in the United States.

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