Breast Enlargement in Bangkok

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Enlargement in Bangkok

Looking or breast enlargements in Bangkok? Discover quality-checked surgeons with Medical Departures and find the guaranteed best prices for your procedure.

This is one of the most requested cosmetic surgery procedures for women – and why not? There’s no need to be unhappy with the size of your breasts and breast enlargements can certainly increase your self-confidence.

Many women find after pregnancies and childbirth that their breasts lost volume – and gravity also takes its toll the older we get. You can have the procedure on its own to increase your size, but it is also often performed with a breast lift procedure to lift your breasts to a higher, more youthful position.

Why should I get breast enlargements in Bangkok?

Bangkok is world-renowned for its top-quality clinics and expertise for all kinds of cosmetic surgery. International patients are welcomed here to top quality facilities that are among the best in the world. Medical tourists have been flocking to Bangkok since the 1990s and it is still one of the most popular destinations for surgery, medical and cosmetic procedures.

People were initially drawn here because of the prices – at least 50% less than what they’d pay at home – and it still remains competitive today. The lower prices are down to the cost of living, and rents, labor, equipment and materials all costing less, and not because the standards or quality are inferior.

Cosmetic surgeons in Thailand typically offer a wide-ranging expertise, from breast enlargements (probably the most requested cosmetic surgery procedure) through to sex change operations (possibly one of the most complex procedures).

Obviously it makes sense to check out any prospective surgeon or clinic yourself by confirming their credentials. If you don’t understand the Thai qualifications do they have any foreign qualifications, say with one of the US surgery boards, or are they members of international organizations, such as the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

These things aren’t foolproof, but there are a number of steps you need to take to ensure quality. Booking with Medical Departures gives you the assurances that we have already conducted our own research in a number of areas, including qualifications, professional memberships, patient testimonials and onsite visits. If we’re not happy, we don’t list – it’s as simple as that. We list our findings online for all our verified listings, with high definition photos, maps and other useful information so you can get an overview, and make your own informed decision.

What is the procedure for breast enlargements?

Before your surgery, your situation will be discussed fully between you and your surgeon. Breasts can be enlarged with implants, or a process called autologous fat transfer – which I where unwanted fat from one part of your body is removed, processed and reinjected into the breasts to increase volume. Fat transfer is only really recommended if you want a small size increase, but most people opt for implants, which can be made from saline, silicone or other biocompatible products such as soybean oil.

The surgery can be performed as an out-patient – so you won’t necessarily need an overnight stay in hospital. After the anesthetic has been administered, small incisions are made in the breast through which the implants are placed. The incisions may be made around the colored part of the nipple, under the breast crease or under the armpit, and this is, again, something your surgeon will discuss with you beforehand.

The procedure takes 1-2 hours, after which the incisions are stitched and the area dressed with bandages and/or compression garments. Sometimes wound drains may also be inserted to help drain excess fluid away.

What is the recovery time after breast enlargement?

Expect to feel still and sore for the few days following surgery, as well as swelling and bruising. Most people feel well enough to return to work after a week, providing they have jobs that aren’t too physical. Generally, you will need to take it easy, avoiding any vigorous activity for 6 weeks. .

What is the cost of breast enlargements in Thailand compared to Australia and New Zealand?

Breast enlargements in Bangkok are around AUD$5,000, compared to around AUD$11,000 in Australia.

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