Breast Lift in Cancun

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Lift in Cancun

Looking for affordable breast lifts? In Cancun there are plenty of options to find excellent quality surgeons and the chance to enjoy some much needed rest and recuperation after your procedure in Mexico’s premier holiday destination.

Breast lifts can help you to regain your youthful shape after pregnancy, breast feeding and ageing all play their part in causing breast tissue to sag and your breasts to droop. It can be performed as a standalone procedure, but is often done in conjunction with a breast reduction or breast enlargement.

Why have a Breast Lift in Cancun?

Cancun provides the perfect location for a holiday. It is geared up for tourism, giving visitors a wide choice of accommodation options, fantastic nightlife and, of course, those beaches.

Long a popular destination for holidaymakers from near and far, Cancun has now made a name for itself as a medical tourist destination, thanks to high-quality facilities and a clinical expertise that ensure patients here always get the best quality.

Medical facilities throughout Mexico are generally good – especially those aimed at international patients, which is why many Mexican doctors opt to do further training in the United States and are members of US medical and surgical boards as well as Mexican ones.

It’s always worth doing your own research before you book an appointment for any medical procedure. Make sure the procedure you think you want is actually the one you want. With cosmetic surgery there are so many variables, and so it is important to remember that a breast lift will not reduce or increase the size of your breasts – and it that is what then you will have to look at other options as well.

Assessing the quality of doctors or clinics is also something you shouldn’t overlook. Medical Departures does background checks on all our verified listing, and this includes doctor credentials, patient testimonials, and onsite clinic visits.

Of course, one of the main reasons people do come to Cancun for breast lifts is because of the prices. Savings of more than 60% are not unusual – which is more than enough to pay for a holiday.

What is the procedure for a breast lift?

The breast lift surgery removes loose skin and excess tissue, tightening the remaining and sometimes moving the nipple to a higher position. The skin may be removed underneath the breast, in the crease where it joins the chest wall, or around the nipples.

It typically takes between 1 and 3 hours.

What is the recovery time after a breast lift?

Most people go back to work after a week, but you will feel tender and stiff for the first few days following surgery. You should be careful not to overdo things and to be gentle when bending and stretching. It will be at least 6 weeks before you can embark on vigorous exercise or strenuous activities.
What is the cost of a breast lift in Cancun compared to the United States?

What's the average cost of breast lifts in Cancun compared to the United States?

The average cost of breast lifts in Cancun is around $2,500 (GBP £1,700; AUD $3,600; €2,300) compared to $9,000 in the United States (UK £6,300; AUS $13,000, EUR €8,000).

What now?

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