Butt Implants in Tijuana

The Ultimate Guide to Butt Implants in Tijuana

Last fact-checked: 10 October 2020

If you are wanting to add volume to your buttocks but can't afford the high prices in the US, heading to Tijuana for butt implants could make sense if you're based in North America.

It's possible to save several thousands of dollars simply by booking with Medical Departures, with patients choosing to either fly or drive to this Mexican border city. 

How Can Buttock Implants Help?

Butt implants increase the volume of your butt cheeks using implants.

Another procedure uses your own fat, which is more commonly known as the Brazilian butt lift, although the term is rather loosely used for any type of butt procedure.

For women who feel their buttocks sag too much or are not rounded enough, a butt implant procedure could be the ideal solution. The surgery can help:

  • Provide a more rounded backside with a fuller shape.
  • In some cases, fat may also be grafted onto the buttocks to achieve the desired look.
  • It may also be combined with a butt lift (to remove excess skin) or liposuction.

For most Westerners, cosmetic surgery isn’t cheap at home. However, if you’re prepared to travel abroad, it's possible to undergo the operation for around half the price.

If you’re from North America you don’t even need to travel that far – Tijuana is just over the US-Mexico border, and easily accessible by air or car.

Why Should I Consider Butt Implants in Tijuana?

Most people’s number one reason for deciding to have butt implants in Tijuana is the cost, but after seeing how low the prices are, their next thoughts turn to quality. What is the standard of medical care – are doctor qualifications as good as at home? Do the clinics and hospitals have good hygiene and safety procedures? How can I be sure I choose a good surgeon and clinic?

These questions are prudent to ask as we know that not all things are created equal, and standards do vary.

Medical Standards:

Medical training varies slightly from country to country – even in Western nations the USA and the UK do not have the same training regimes, but it doesn’t make one any less effective than the other. This is also true in Mexico, where some aspects of its training parallel the US.

What is apparent is that high-standards are required in order for aspiring doctors to obtain the necessary qualifications, and in Mexico, just like the US and UK, doctors have to be registered before they can begin to practice, and further training and examinations are required over a number of years for a doctor to become a medical or surgical specialist.


The great thing about traveling abroad for surgery with Medical Departures on your side is that you can be confident that the facility you book into will be used to treating international patients. Our verified Tijuana clinics rely on international patients, and if they weren’t providing the services international patients want, then they wouldn’t be in business very long.

Many are contemporary and modern, following strict international guidelines for hygiene and safety, such as those laid down by the International Standards Organization (ISO).

Finding a Trusted Surgeon in Tijuana with Medical Departures

Before going for any surgery, it's paramount that you do some homework of your own, evaluating doctor qualifications, professional registrations and international affiliations, reading online testimonials from past patients and checking out websites and photos for hospitals and clinics.

The good news is that Medical Departures does all of this for you, publishing everything we find on our site – so that patients have all the information they need in one place. We also personally visit our clinics before we work with them.

What Does the Procedure for Buttock Implants Entail and How Long Does it Take?

You will be given an anesthetic before the surgery begins. The actual procedure for butt implants only takes between one and two hours.

Small incisions are made just below the large gluteal muscle, in the natural crease of the buttock, into which the implants are inserted.

The procedure can be carried out in combination with the Brazilian butt lift, whereby fat from another part of your body is injected into the butt. The surgery will take longer if you have the two procedures performed.

What Is the Recovery Time and When Can I Return to Work?

You will be sore and tender for a few days following surgery and will most probably have to lie on your stomach, rather than sit, for at least a few days.

The majority of people return to work after a couple of weeks, but it will take up to a couple of months before you will feel completely better. Do consult with your surgeon as to when you will be able to head back home, as you will need to spend some time in Tijuana recuperating before getting into a car or catching your flight back.

How Much Can I Save on Butt Implants in Tijuana Compared to the United States or Canada?

In Tijuana, you can expect butt implant surgery to be half the price, at around $4,000, compared to $8,000 in the United States.

Note: these are approximate figures calculated at the time of writing. Take a look at some of the latest prices, as well as photos, reviews and surgeon profiles at these top clinics in Tijuana for butt implants:

What's Next?

Find out more about our quality-checked clinics in Tijuana for butt implants.

To book, see below for a number of easy ways to arrange an appointment. It's also free to get in touch with our Customer Care Team who can assist you with the booking process or any other aspect of your medical trip abroad to Mexico.


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