Butt Implants in Cancun

The Ultimate Guide to Butt Implants in Cancun

Last fact-checked: 10 October 2020

Having butt implants in Cancun is a viable option for North Americans looking to add volume at a lower price than back home. 

Cosmetic surgery of all types is still an expensive option for the majority of us. If you are longing to change your shape but can’t afford the prices at home, then traveling to a destination where the cost of living is much less is another way of achieving what you want.

Mexico offers just that, and Cancun, while already a favorite holiday destination, has all the facilities you need for a surgical holiday.

Why Should I Choose Cancun for Butt Implants?

We probably don’t have to tell you about what a fabulous location Cancun is. Situated on Mexico’s Caribbean Coast, this resort city is renowned for its stunning beaches and coastline; good quality hotels; great restaurants and plenty of activities to make for a great vacation before your surgery. 

As so many foreign visitors come to Cancun, it’s no surprise that medical tourism is a growing industry here. And it makes sense: the infrastructure, services and facilities are already here to cater to visitors and so newly established clinics and hospitals catering for clients who want to avail themselves of surgery while on holiday is a logical step.

Medical facilities in Cancun are of a high-standard – easily on a par with what you would expect back home. Reputable clinics ensure they have the newest technologies, highly-skilled medical staff and take customer service seriously. They are in business for the long-haul and know they must provide excellent quality, or they just wouldn’t get any patients.

Medical training in Mexico is on a parallel to the US, and you will find that a large majority of doctors also opt to do specialist training in the US too. This means they are likely to be registered with American Surgical boards, as well as international professional organizations, like the International Society of Aesthetic Surgery

Finding a Reputable Plastic Surgeon in Cancun with Medical Departures

We always advise anyone thinking of having surgery abroad to choose carefully and do your background research. Booking with Medical Departures makes the process easier.

We carry out our own checks – including legal/criminal records; qualifications and professional memberships, which we list on our site. We also offer maps, high-definition clinic photos and real patient reviews, as well as prices, so you can search and compare and make the right choice for you.

Our Customer Care team are always on hand to speak to, should you have any questions.

What Is the Procedure for Butt Implants and How Long Does it Take?

The procedure is reasonably short – a couple of hours at most. Incisions are made below the gluteal muscle, usually in an inconspicuous area such as the natural crease of the buttock, and this is where the implants are inserted.

Prior to surgery, your surgeon will discuss with you what shape and look you want and the precise type of implant (i.e., the particular size and shape) you agreed on will be inserted during surgery.

Implants may also be combined with liposuction or a butt lift to remove loose, excess skin, as required. 

Note: Buttock implants should not be confused with a Brazilian butt lift, a procedure in which fat is harvested from another part of the body (via liposuction) and injected into the buttocks to increase volume. 

What Is the Recovery Time and When Can I Return to Work?

Following surgery, you will be swollen and bruised. Pain medication will be given to you but you will still feel stiff and uncomfortable.

You’ll be encouraged to get up and move around as soon as you can after surgery as this helps with the healing process.

You may find it preferable to lie down on your stomach until the swelling has subsided, rather than sitting, but gradually over the following week or so you will find things easier.

You should be able to get on with your everyday activities around one or two weeks after the procedure, but you will have to be gentle with yourself. Strenuous activity is best avoided for six weeks and it could be six months before you are completely healed.

How Much Can I Save on Butt Implants in Cancun Compared to the United States or Canada?

The cost of butt implants in Cancun is around $4,000 (CAN $5,200; UK £3,000; EURO €3,600; AUS $5,300) saving around 50% on the $8,000 it costs in the United States (CAN 10,400; UK £6,000; EURO €7,200; AUS $10,000).

Please note: these are approximate figures calculated at the time of writing. Compare some of the latest prices on offer, as well as photos, reviews and surgeon profiles at these top clinics in Cancun for butt implants, among other procedures:

How Do I Book with Medical Departures?

Get started by searching our Cancun clinic listings and surgeons.

If you’re ready to book see below for ways you can arrange an appointment. If you’d like to talk to our Customer Care Team about butt implants in Cancun please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Our team can also help with other aspects of your medical trip to Cancun, such as finance, insurance and hotel bookings. 


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