Butt Lift in Phuket Province

The Ultimate Guide to Butt Lift in Phuket Province

Looking for a butt lift in Phuket? Here’s everything you need to know.

A butt lift is an incredibly popular option individually customized to improve the contour of the buttocks. It’s a skin tightening procedure using liposuction and removal of tissue which eliminates hanging skin and excess fat which often occurs following dramatic weight loss or simply through aging.

The butt lift can be carried out as an individual procedure or as part of a total body lift. Please be aware that this is not the Brazilian Butt lift - which involves your own fat being injected into your buttocks to make your butt cheeks more inflated. This is a long-lasting butt lift which removes excess skin leaving your butt looking smoother, more defined and pert.

If the shape of your butt is making you self-conscious or causing mobility problems, then a buttock lift could be just what you need to get you close to your ideal weight, size and shape.

Why should I get a butt lift in Phuket?

One of the southern islands, Phuket is Asia’s most popular tourist destination. Surrounded by the turquoise Andaman Sea, exotic beaches, vibrant nightlife, breathtaking natural beauty, outdoor sports, friendly locals five-star accommodation and ridiculously affordable prices. While you’re in recovery from your procedure, you can relax in the tropical climate, enjoy a luxurious vacation and still be close to your clinic for any medical reassurance and monitoring of your recovery.

The cost is one of the major reasons people choose to have a butt lift in Thailand, and Phuket's high-quality tourist facilities and beautiful scenery make it the perfect place for a surgical vacation.

Although standards are generally high, we always recommend you research your clinic and doctor thoroughly. In many countries cosmetic or plastic surgery is still not recognized as a specialty and there are no further formal qualification or training requirements once doctors have obtained their license to practice. At Medical Departures we do check qualifications and professional memberships and list them on our site, alongside real patient reviews and other useful information, but it's always worth checking national and international professional organizations to find out more.

Am I suitable for a butt lift?

Are you self-conscious about the shape and firmness of your butt?
Is your overall health generally good?
Do yo have low-hanging buttocks and/or loose skin above?
Do you have mobility issues because of your body shape?
Are your expectations realistic?
Do you have pockets of fat and/or excess skin you want to see the back of?
Have you recently lost a lost a lot of weight and feel a butt lift would complete your new look?

If you find yourself answering yes to several or all of those questions, then a butt lift could be just what you need.

If you’re a smoker, it’s highly recommended that you quit (preferably for good) but at least for six weeks prior to your date as smokers take much longer to recover and it will be hampered by your habit.

How long does the butt lift procedure take -what's involved?

Carried out under general anesthetic, the procedure usually takes between three and six hours to perform. Each operation is tailored to your body type, requirements and expectations.

Generally speaking, an oval of loose skin is removed from the upper part of the buttock/lower back, the hips, groin or under the butt cheeks and the remaining skin is pulled taught and sutured in layers to ensure the skin remains tight. This procedure allows the tissues of the buttocks to elevate which reshapes the butt making it look perky, younger and more natural.

If combined with liposuction of the upper thighs and hips to balance your body; the results can be dramatic. The scars are hidden in the bikini line and natural creases making them difficult to detect, any liposuction scars will be smaller and will fade over time.

Butt lift procedure recovery time

A butt lift is a relatively extensive procedure and recovery time can be anything from 2-3 weeks to several months before normal activities can be resumed. Fat burning activities should be avoided early on and you should rest and sleep on your side or your stomach.

It’s recommended that you take bed rest for the first few days before your follow up visit to your clinic. To avoid stressing the area, you should steer clear of sitting for at least one week and depending on the nature of your job, you can return to work after two weeks providing your job isn’t sedentary. Extensive sitting isn’t recommended because it’s important not to put pressure on your butt for more than a few minutes at a time. Use a soft cushion or donut-shaped pillow.

Is the quality of butt lift procedures the same in Phuket?

At Medical Departures, all of our surgeons are verified, fully qualified and professionally registered and screened, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands and the procedure will be the right one for you.

Phuket has the most up-to-date healthcare facilities with many of the medical staff educated, trained and serving internships in Europe, Japan or the USA. The reason for the vast difference in fees is due to the much lower cost of living, salaries and overheads.

The quality and standards of work, medical procedures and techniques are at least equal to those at home, but medical tourism provides massive amounts of money to the local economy and the reputation of the procedures is priceless.

What are butt lift prices abroad?

The average cost of a butt lift in Phuket is around AUD $3,700 (GBP £1,800; US $2,600; €2,400) compared to $19,000 in Australia (UK £9,200; US $13,400, EUR €12,200)

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