Double Eyelid Surgery in Thailand

The Ultimate Guide to Double Eyelid Surgery in Thailand

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With roughly half the Asian population having ‘single eyelids’ this is one of the most popular procedures. There’s an assumption that Asians embark on the procedure to make their eyes look more Western, and that may well be true in some cases, but not all. Double eyelids are desirable, mainly because they do open up the eye area, making them appear larger – which is a beauty ideal the whole world aspires to.

Why have Double Eyelid Surgery in Thailand?

One of the world’s favoured medical tourism countries, Thailand was one, if not the, pioneer of modern medical tourism in the 1990s. With modern, purpose-built hospitals, top-class surgeons and a customer care ethic considerably better than Western tourists were used to at home, it soon became the place to go for patients looking for cosmetic surgery options. Of course, one of the considerable benefits besides the internationally-recognized hygiene & safety standards and good quality care were the prices – at least 50% less and substantially more in some cases.

This is still true today, and Thailand is as popular as ever with foreigners – both medical and regular tourist alike. From the buzz of Bangkok to island hopping in the Andaman Sea there’s something truly fascinating about this country, whether you find yourself on a remote stretch of deserted white beach or enjoying the cheeky humour of a lady-boy cabaret show. Amenities and leisure facilities are excellent, getting around relatively easy and accommodation and food options running from cheap-and-cheerful to blow-the-budget. Something definitely for everyone.

Booking double eyelid surgery with Medical Departures gives you peace of mind that you have chosen a quality-checked surgeon and facility you can trust. We do a number of background checks so you don’t have to, including legal and criminal records as well as doctor qualifications and professional memberships. Onsite visits are also part of our processes and collecting real patient reviews, which we publish on our site, along with high-definition clinic photographs.

While no surgery can ever be guaranteed to be successful no matter who does it or where – at least ensuring your surgeons credentials stack up will set you off on the right path.

How long does the Double Eyelid Surgery take?

Double Eyelid Surgery is a relatively quick procedure that can be done as an out-patient – so you won’t need to stay in hospital. You will typically have a local anesthetic and sedation rather than a general anesthetic, and the whole procedure should be completed between 30-60 minutes.

What’s involved in the Double Eyelid procedure?

There are a number of techniques for the double eyelid procedure, and the method chosen will be down to your surgeon’s preference, as much as to your own particular anatomy.

The Incision Technique

This method is suitable for patients with fatty, thick or excessive eyelid skin. An incision is made across the lid and unwanted fatty and other tissue is removed before stitching the remaining skin together to form an eyelid crease.

The Non-Incision (Buried Suture) Techniques

This is suitable for patients with thin eyelid skin who don’t have noticeable fatty deposits. Here the eyelid skin is folded and stitched to form a crease. This used to be the most popular technique, but it is considered to be non-permanent, and so many people prefer to opt for the incision technique instead.

What is the recovery time after double eyelid surgery?

The recovery time will seem slow. Bruising and swelling is at its worst after about 48 hours, but will subside quickly after that, although it will take between 2 and 4 weeks to disappear altogether.

Stitches may be dissolvable or removed between 5 and 7 days after surgery. You will then be able to wear make up to disguise bruising, swelling and scarring. Many people return to work after 2 weeks – some before. You may experience dry eyes, tightness, tingling and blurred vision for a few weeks, which is normal.

You should refrain from vigorous activity for 6 weeks and by about 3 months’ your eyes should be looking relatively natural. Altogether it takes 6 months to a year to heal completely.

What is the cost comparison of Double Eyelid Surgery in Thailand compared to Australia or New Zealand?

On average, double eyelid surgery in Thailand is likely to cost AUD $3,900 (EURO €2,600; UK £2,100; US $3,000; CAN $3,900) compared to Australia where it’s around AUD $8,000 (EURO €5,300; UK £4,200; US $6,000; CAN $7,800).

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