Eye Bag Removal in Cancun

The Ultimate Guide to Eye Bag Removal in Cancun

Looking tired and old due to baggy eyelids? Why not have a holiday and get eye bag removal in Cancun? You’ll look and feel great after the surgery and will return home with renewed confidence.

Eye bags occur when the skin around our eyes becomes loose. There are environmental factors which can contribute to it, including sun damage and smoking, but it could be because you are genetically predisposed to baggy eyes. The problem tends to occur as we get older, as our skin naturally loses its elasticity, leading to lines, wrinkles and the dreaded sagging.

Why have Eye Bag Removal in Cancun?

In only a few decades Cancun has been transformed from a sleepy fisherman’s village to a stylish, first-class holiday location. With white, sandy beaches dotted with palm trees, ancient relics of the Mayan culture and a sophisticated town with impressive amenities including top-notch hotels, swanky restaurants, fabulous shopping malls and an impressive nightlife visitors get entertainment round-the-clock.

It’s little wonder it is Mexico’s jewel in the crown of holiday destinations, and unsurprising that it is making itself known as a medical tourism destination too.

Like its tourist amenities, Cancun offers a cut-above in terms of medical tourism services. Healthcare facilities are exceptionally good and there is a commitment to delivering the best quality services at the best prices.

Whether you choose a Joint Commission International accredited facility or elsewhere, you are assured of the highest standards in terms of medical expertise if you spend a little time researching and choosing your surgeon with care.

Standards are generally high, but it is always worth spending the time to check for yourself. Medical Departures performs its own background checks. We visit clinics personally and we verify doctor qualifications and professional memberships. We list the information on our site alongside high-definition clinic photos, virtual clinic tours and real patient testimonials, giving patients the opportunity to make their own judgments from an informed perspective.

How long is an eye bag removal procedure and what can I expect?

Eye bag removal surgery typically takes between 1 and 3 hours, but to an extent depends on whether you are having treatment to both upper and lower lids.

The surgery involves making incisions where excess loose tissue, skin and fat are removed. In the lower lids the incision is made inside the eyelid and so won’t be visible afterwards, and in the upper lids it is made in one of the natural creases of the eyelid which will fade over time to be virtually unnoticeable.

What is the recovery time for eye bag removal?

After the procedure you may well have localized bruising and swelling around the eyes and upper part of your face. You will need to be careful not to touch the area for around 5 days after surgery and to take it gently for at least a week. Many people go back to work after a week, although bruising and/or swelling may still be evident. It will be around 6 weeks before you can indulge in any vigorous sports or activities, including heavy lifting.

What is the cost of Eye Bag Removal in Cancun compared to the United States?

Eye Bag Removal in Cancun costs around 50% less than it does in the United States.

What now?

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