Facelift in Mexico City

The Ultimate Guide to Facelift in Mexico City

A facelift in Mexico City can drive most of your worries away if you are concerned about the growing signs of aging, and are looking at an affordable way of doing it.

Facelifts are generally performed in order to minimize or completely eliminate the wrinkles, lines and sagging that appear on the face as a person grows older. Since our skin also tends to lose its elasticity with time, the skin starts to sag around different parts of the face. A facelift is used to make the skin smooth and taught once more from around the middle of the face, as well as the neck and jowls.

Am I eligible for a facelift?

Whether or not you want to undergo a facelift is a highly personal decision, and one that should be made after due consultation with the surgeon. This is mostly sought after by people in their middle age, who want to retrieve the youthfulness of their past years and look young and rejuvenated once more.

However, before you opt for this surgery, it is imperative you have a clear idea of what this surgery can and cannot deliver. While it does make one look younger and improve the overall look, it is not possible for this procedure to change one’s facial features entirely. Furthermore, your doctor may determine that you do not really need to get a facelift, since some people can gain significantly from other simple procedures instead, such as injectable fillers, or even from a more specific surgery such as eye bag removal.

In order to you to be considered suitable for undergoing this procedure, it is essential for you to be in good health. Before the start of the surgical procedure, your doctor is going to ask you about your medical history, any allergic reactions you may have to drugs, as well as any medical treatments that you may have undergone recently.

Why should I get facelift in Mexico City?

There are a number of different reasons why getting a facelift in Mexico City is a very viable option for those living in nearby countries, such as the United States and Canada. This region attracts many medical tourists around the year. This is not only because there are highly qualified and trained professionals in the region, but also because of the ease with which people can travel to and from Mexico City.

Many people are worried about booking appointments with doctors who are located overseas, since they are fearful of the standards of service, or even that the staff may not be authentic and don’t possess genuine degrees and experience.

However, Medical Departures carries out a thorough background check on our medical service providers, both facilities and individuals, before listing them on the website for patients to see, as well as details of professional memberships and real patient reviews. We make the process as transparent as possible for our patients, so they can make their own informed choices.

What happens during the procedure?

The surgeon begins the procedure by making an incision along the hairline of the individual, around the temples. This incision is extended down to the lower scalp of the patient, behind the ear. After this incision has been made, the surgeon will then sculpt the face of the patient, and redistribute any material around the neck, face and jowls. Before re-draping the skin, any excess skin is removed, and the skin is tightened to the underlying tissue.

If the surgery is mainly focused around lifting the neck area, the doctor will make an incision in front of the patient’s ear lobe, and this incision is extended around the patient’s ear and goes into the lower scalp. An incision may also be made under the patient’s chin. Like the procedure described above, the purpose of these incisions is to remove loose skin from around the neck, tighten the muscles and get rid of any fat that has accumulated here over time.

What is the recovery time from the procedure?

Since the surgery is performed under general anesthesia, patients are required to rest in the weeks following the surgery. Your face may be wrapped up in order to minimize bruising and swelling. In addition to this, a tube may be inserted in order to drain out any excess blood and fluids. Although you are likely to immediately feel a smoothness and tautness to your skin following a facelift, it is possible for it to take a couple of months for the swelling to completely go down. Furthermore, the incision lines might take anywhere from six to twelve months to mature fully.

What is the cost of facelift in Mexico City compared to the United States?

Facelifts in Mexico City costs around $5,500 (CAN $7,600, UK £3,800 EUR €4,900, AUS $7,600), in comparison to $ 18,000 in the United States (CAN $24,900, UK £12,400 , EUR €16,100, AUS $25,200).

What now?

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