Gastric Bypass in Tijuana

The Ultimate Guide to Gastric Bypass in Tijuana

Find out more about getting a Gastric Bypass in Tijuana with Medical Departures. One of the most popular weight loss surgeries, with Medical Departures you can search good-quality surgeons and clinics with bona fide credentials, who can help you to put your life back on track.

Any form of weight loss surgery (also called bariatric surgery) may be radical, but sometimes it may be necessary, especially if it is impacting on how you want to live your life and if it is affecting your health.

Why have a Gastric Bypass in Tijuana?

Being overweight is a growing problem, not just in the US, but throughout the Western world, with the Journal of American Medicine reporting that more than one-third of American adults are now obese. This means that more people are looking at weight loss surgery as a means of getting rid of their excess weight, and controlling their food intake so they can’t put it back on. Tijuana is an accessible location, especially for North Americans, as there are other ways of traveling there rather than flying – which in itself can be somewhat of an ordeal for very overweight people, and carries a post-operative risk.

Tijuana has embraced medical tourism, and there are good quality hospitals that cater specifically for international patients, as well as doctors who speak fluent English and are trained to the highest standards. Many of these doctors are aware that international patients may be uncertain about the quality, and so they try to put people at their ease by ensuring they have verifiable qualifications. Thus, it won’t be unusual to find your bariatric surgeon in Tijuana is a member of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, as well as international organizations, such as the International Federation of Surgery for Obesity.

There are a great many good quality healthcare providers in Tijuana, but it’s up to you to do your own research. Medical Departures makes the process much easier with our website. It’s easy to search for a specialist in a particular location and all the listings will include doctor qualifications, professional memberships and real patient testimonials that have all been verified by us. Clinic photos, virtual tours, maps and other information can give you a true overview and the peace of mind you need to make an informed choice.

What is the gastric bypass procedure and how long will I need to stay in Tijuana?

Gastric bypass operations are usually done under a general anesthetic, which usually lasts for an hour. Some can take a few hours, but this is not typical.

After your anesthetic has been given the surgery is performed laparoscopically. Instead of large incisions being made across the abdomen, several small cuts are made in strategic areas where the laparascope is inserted. This is a long, thin tube through which cameras and other operating equipment can be inserted and the surgeon can perform the operation by looking at your insides on a monitor without having to open you up.

Your stomach will be divided and a small pouch made at the top by stapling it. This pouch is connected to the small intestine at the bottom, so essentially, when food enters and exits the pouch it bypasses the main stomach and most of the small intestine. The pouch is a lot smaller than the stomach so you will feel fuller more quickly and won’t be able to eat as much. You’ll consume fewer calories and lose weight.

What is the recovery time for a gastric bypass?

You’ll be in hospital between 2 and 5 days and you will not be allowed to eat for a few days to give your digestive system a little time to recover. After that, foods can be introduced gradually – just liquids at first, then graduating to liquidized food, then soft food before going back to solids.

It may take a couple of months to feel good. Your body is undergoing a huge change, and you may feel tired and depressed until it gets used to the new regime.

You will need to stay in Tijuana for 2 weeks, and be prepared to be monitored regularly with blood tests to ensure everything is going to plan.

What is the cost of a gastric bypass in Tijuana, in comparison to the United States or Canada?

In Tijuana, a gastric bypass is about a third of the price at $7,500 (CAD $9,500; GBP £5,000; €6,400; AUD $10,200) compared to $24,000 (CAD $32,000; GBP £16,000; €21,000; AUD $32,000) in the United States.

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