Labiaplasty in Cancun

The Ultimate Guide to Labiaplasty in Cancun

Discover great savings on Labiaplasty in Cancun with Medical Departures. This increasingly popular procedure does not have much downtime compared with other cosmetic surgery, and after an initial day or two of discomfort, you can be back in the swing of things in next to no time.

Am I suitable for labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty surgery could be for you feel the lips of your vagina are too large. This could be the inner folds (labia minora) or the outer (labia majora), or both. Labiaplasty is also indicated if damage has occurred during childbirth and the procedure is often undertaken in combination with other procedures, such as vaginoplasty, as part of a Designer Vagina procedure.

Why have labiaplasty in Cancun?

The reason most people decide to have labiaplasty in Cancun is quite simply the cost. Savings of 60% or more can be achieved, which is more than enough to cover the cost of a holiday too.

The lure of sun, sea and sand and the chance to combine surgery with a holiday is a great idea for this kind of procedure. The recovery time is quite quick, and there isn’t any problems that may be associated with some surgeries of keeping out of the sun to avoid scar discoloration.

Another reason for traveling abroad for labiaplasty is that some patients may want to be discrete about the type of surgery they are having, and are therefore offered a greater degree of privacy in Cancun than they would if they were going to their local hospital for the procedure.

Medical tourism is generally on the increase throughout the world and for already established popular tourist destinations like Cancun it stands to reason that medical tourism fits neatly into the current infrastructure. Patients agree, and there are more high-quality healthcare facilities, many Joint Commission International affiliated, that cater for international patients springing up all the time.

Cancun offers a sophisticated setting with the top-quality surgeons, ancillary staff and services international patients expect, which is why so many return again and again for further treatments.

Medical Departures offers quality-checked doctors with verified qualifications and clinics that we have personally visited and approved. Our site includes real patient testimonials, high-definition photos and prices, as well as other useful information for you to compare and make a fully-informed decision.

What is the procedure for labiaplasty and how long does it take?

The labiaplasty procedure doesn’t take very long – around an hour on average – and is usually carried out as an out-patient – meaning you can go home on the same day. Surgery may be performed under a local or general anesthetic and once this has taken effect the surgery begins.

There are a number of different techniques that may be used for labiaplasty, and this will be something your surgeon will discuss with you beforehand. Some surgeons opt for a scalpel to cut away and remove excess tissue, whereas others may use a laser.

Any suturing is done with dissolvable stitches – so no need to worry about going back to have stitches removed.

What is the recovery time for labiaplasty?

Most people recovery relatively quickly from labiaplasty. The vagina is quick to heal itself and any pain or discomfort felt for the first day or two after the procedure will disappear reasonably quickly.

You will need to be careful for several weeks afterwards by not engaging in vigorous activity or strenuous exercise, including horse-riding, tennis and sexual intercourse for 6 weeks. It will be around 2 months’ before all the swelling has faded and the area has completely healed.

What is the cost of labiaplasty in Cancun compared to the United States and Canada?

The cost of labiaplasty in Cancun is around 60% of the price it is in the United States.

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