Lip Augmentation in Tijuana

The Ultimate Guide to Lip Augmentation in Tijuana

Creating fuller lips is more affordable than ever with lip augmentations in Tijuana. Whether you want a sexier pout or just to add volume to lips that have lost their fullness there’s bound to be a treatment to give you the look you want.

Find out about the range of surgical and non-surgical lip augmentation treatments available in Tijuana with Medical Departures.

Am I suitable for lip augmentation?

Fuller lips have been made fashionable by celebrities such as Angelina Jolie. However, as we age, our lips naturally become thinner. The same problems that befall aging skin also happens to lips. Collagen production slows down as we get older and this is an essential ingredient that keeps our skin firm and lifted. Our skin also becomes thinner as we age, as the natural plumper, hyaluronic acid, also decreases. Once these start to break down, shallow lines form, eventually leading to wrinkles and the force of gravity makes our skin sag.

As long as you are over 18, you may want to consider some form of lip augmentation, whether it’s surgical or non-surgical.

Why get lip augmentation in Tijuana?

For North-Americans particularly, Tijuana is very convenient. If you live in the southern states you can even drive – crossing the border is easy and there are ‘Medical Lanes’ to help speed you on your way to your doctor or dentist appointment. Two international airports in San Diego and Tijuana make it accessible for visitors from further afield.

Tijuana is a popular and respected medical tourist destination. It has doctors with the necessary qualifications, training and expertise to deliver you good-quality results, whatever type of lip augmentation treatment you decide to have. Facilities for international patient are often modern and contemporary with the most up-to-date technologies, new equipment and safety and hygiene procedures based on international protocols.

As with any cosmetic procedure, we recommend you do a little homework first before booking an appointment. Lip augmentation procedures vary, and you need to be fully aware of what you are hoping to achieve. Do you want a permanent solution, or a temporary one? Bear in mind that if you do choose a permanent solution then it will be that. How will you feel about your decision in a year’s time – or five, or ten?

It is always worth talking things through with someone in the know, and someone you feel comfortable with. The importance of finding a trustworthy provider cannot be stressed enough. Fortunately, it isn’t as daunting if you book through Medical Departures. We background check all of our providers, listing their qualifications and professional memberships. These are listed on our website, with clinic photos, virtual video tours and real patient reviews – all designed to give you a thorough overview of what’s on offer and to make it easy for you to choose. Tijuana has many excellent facilities and providers, so ensure you choose one of them.

How long does a lip augmentation take?

This all depends on what procedure you have done. Surgical options include lip implants, dermal grafts, lip lifts and vermillion advancement, and these will usually take a couple of hours to perform.

Other non-surgical treatments, like Restylane and Juvederm, are injectable fillers and can be completed in a matter of minutes.

What is the recovery time for lip augmentation?

Again – it depends on your particular procedure. Surgery will take several weeks to recovery from, but injection treatments only a day or two.

What is the cost of lip augmentation in Tijuana compared to the United States and Canada?

Surgical lip augmentation procedures in Tijuana start from around $1,000, compared to around $3,500 in the United States. Non-surgical treatments are much less, starting from around a few hundred dollars.

What now?

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