Lip Augmentation in Thailand

The Ultimate Guide to Lip Augmentation in Thailand

Last fact-checked: 4 January 2021

Create a sexy smile with lip augmentation in Thailand. Lip enhancement not only increases fullness but also helps reduce the effects of fine lines around your mouth. 

While treatment can be done at any age, it is particularly effective in combating the signs of aging. As with the rest of our skin, lips become thinner as we get older, as collagen production slows down. Plumping them up helps to counteract this, restoring a more youthful look—and your self-confidence!

Keep reading to learn about the range of surgical and non-invasive treatments available in Thailand—and save around 50% when booking with Medical Departures. 

Why Have a Lip Augmentation in Thailand?

Most lip augmentation (or enhancement) procedures are reasonably swift, and all yield noticeable results. There are several surgical and non-surgical ways a surgeon can plump, lift, reshape or resize your lips. If you’re looking for a facial enhancement that doesn’t require too much downtime, then lip augmentation is generally a good option.

Thailand’s medical tourism industry is booming and the country has long been considered the world’s number one destination for affordable, high-quality cosmetic surgery. While costs are substantially lower than in the West, patients also flock to “the Land of Smiles” for treatment because of the expertise of the surgeons, their commitment to customer care the up-to-the-minute techniques and modern facilities.

Of course, not all facilities are of the same standard; thus, it’s essential that you choose your clinic and surgeon carefully. You can do some research on the Internet, but the copy you read on a clinic’s own website isn’t always accurate, may be exaggerated, and sometimes difficult to understand or interpret. 

This is why booking with Medical Departures gives you peace-of-mind. We quality check all doctors and clinics before they're accepted into our network. This involves checking for any legal or criminal proceedings, confirming qualifications and verifying professional memberships. We also visit clinics personally, publish high-definition before-and-after patient photos on our site, as well as collating and authenticating patient reviews. No medical procedure can ever be guaranteed 100%, but finding a reputable doctor with Medical Departures will stand you in good stead.

How Long Does a Lip Augmentation Procedure Take and What Is the Recovery Time?

You will discover a number of different surgical and non-surgical methods for lip enhancement, and treatment times vary accordingly. You may also need more than one procedure to achieve your desired result.

Non-surgical treatments include:

Surgical treatments include:

  • The lip lift, where an incision is made under the nose and the skin pulled upwards, in turn lifting the upper lip. Downward-turning mouths can be corrected by removing the skin at the side of the mouth.

  • Lip implants, where natural or synthetic implants are inserted through tiny incisions around the mount.

  • Vermilion advancement, where a strip of skin around the coloured part of the lip is removed; the lips are then pulled to the remaining skin and stitched back up.

  • Dermal grafts, where a fat graft is taken and positioned under the lip lining via incisions made inside the mouth.

The recovery time also varies, from a matter of hours for injections to weeks for surgery. Consult with your doctor in Thailand about the expected recuperation period, and don’t forget to take note of which activities you should avoid following surgery. 

How Much Can I Save on Lip Augmentation in Thailand Compared to Australia and New Zealand?

Your final savings will depend on what treatment you are having and your travel preferences. In most cases, savings of 50% or more can be achieved by undergoing treatment in Thailand. 

For updated prices, as well as clinic photos, surgeon profiles, patient reviews and other useful information, take a look at three of our most popular partner clinics in Thailand for lip enhancement surgery: 

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